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  1. What price are the Otter Den and Cottage selling for?
  2. How much is it to enter in the Wilmar league and what times does it start? [email protected]
  3. How much do you tune crankbaits after you catch a few fish on them?
  4. Benson is south of Alexandria and is about as far as Winthrop is from Duluth. Ive been to Duluth 4 times, nice city but the wind off of Superior makes it cold. They must have street police watching somewhere down there all the time because I remember my dad got a ticket for parking by a no parking sign along one of the streets for 5 minutes, we came out of the store and there was a ticket on the windshield.
  5. I would stick with the Ams Oil. It is better on gas and check to see what oil filter they put in it. Usually they would have the Ams oil filter when putting Ams Oil in a vehicle. I think you only have to change oil filters every 10000-15000 miles when you use both. Is there any Ams Dealers in Hutch?
  6. Ive walked by the flies part of cabelas alot and never looked much there. I will probably look there and fleet farm in owatonna next month for it. Wheres kowalskis market?
  7. So its where lakes have size limits on and its 1 over 20 on those lakes or is it statewide 1 over 20?
  8. There rods are great. I own 3 or 4 guide series rods and have caught lots of walleyes and big fish on them.
  9. I went to the Gander in Mankato and they didnt have it.
  10. Its terrible that things like this happen. Did they crash into the barge or was the current strong enough that it pulled them under it?
  11. Any leagues or tourneys for walleye or bass in the hutchinson - dassel area that have openings?
  12. I use the Vexilar for boat and ice fishing but theres probably not a big difference between them. Probably most people will say the Vexilar but its up to you and how much you want to spend.
  13. 2 Lines would be nice, you could have bobbers on one side fishing for panfish and walleyes and you can cast rapalas and jigs on the other and cover alot of ground. I wouldnt mind that they change it to 1 over 20 inches because there the fish that makes more walleyes and 1 that big is plenty.
  14. I think I read about that in the Star Tribune last week. If you cant find it on there site just email them and they will tell you what the classifications are.
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