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  1. Outdoors_guy

    Speed goats

    AKA "Turbo Goats"
  2. Outdoors_guy

    fantasy baseball is coming soon

    I am in again this year. The live draft is taken place online. You don't have to attend anyones house. I also favor the limited add/drops. It would be nice though if we did gift cards and we had one specific place in mind so a buy could get something of decent price with his winnings.
  3. Outdoors_guy

    Need Help! 4 to 7 guys looking at processing own Deer

    You could probably get by without the vacuum sealer. Those things are kind of spendy and then you could put that money towards a grinder or mixer. I work at a meat market and you could get by with just wrapping your sausage. It keeps longer if you wrap it with wax paper and then again with a freezer wrap over that. I,m not saying it would keep longer than vacuum sealed but longer if you were to just wrap it once with wax paper.
  4. Outdoors_guy

    Where will you be hunting this weekend?

    Around Lake Lillian, MN
  5. Outdoors_guy

    Fantasy Basketball

    I would join also.
  6. Outdoors_guy


    The morning of Saturday the 14th seen a fork a four and a six pointer sparring 25 yards from me for about 20 minutes. Seems that the 4 pointer won and the other 2 deer left that area. Saturday night in a different spot was putting up a camera and all of a sudden a 8 pointer comes hauling @$$ out of the cornfield not to be out done a huge 12 pointer was not far behind chasing his scronny @$$ off of his territory. The 12 came running out the corn with his head down and all his hair was sticking up on his body. I know that because he ran within touching distance of me and then stopped 10 feet from me. Didn't even see me or look at me. He stood there for about 5-10 seconds and then took off again after the littler deer. My bow was on the ground and had i been in my stand i would of had the most perfect shot. Hopefully see him again. I think the rut is starting in my area.
  7. Outdoors_guy


    I was wondering if you were going to send the lures for the fantasy baseball league?
  8. Outdoors_guy

    Twins win the division.

    4. Silva
  9. Outdoors_guy

    Fantasy league spots open(free)

    Im in the suckafree league. so far 7 i was the 7th to sign up.
  10. Outdoors_guy

    Phil Nevin acquired!!!

    Well looks like Rondell's days might be out numbered now with Nevin being a twin. Hopefully his bat will help the twins out to get into the post season and throught hte playoffs. would of been nice to get him a little sooner to help the team out. Hopefully he is no Brett Boone from last year.
  11. Outdoors_guy

    Brooks Bollinger Trade

    Well it looks like Mcmahon is getting the boot now they traded for Brooks. I like the deal as long as they didn't give up a high draft which i don't think they would of. Whats everyone else think with the trade?
  12. The 2 deer limit they are talking about is during slug hunting in the lottery area. If you apply for a doe tag and get it then you can take a doe and a buck during shotgun. If you don't apply you can only take a buck during shotgun. So if you get the permit you get to take 2 deer a buck and a doe during slug hunting and if you just tag a buck you can still take 2 deer in bow or muzzle loading seasons. Total of 3 deer. If you don't get the permit all you can shhot is 1 buck and you can take 2 doe during bow or muzzle loading seasons. Total of 3 deer. The only thing different is the permit which allows for one of the 2 does you can shoot to be taken during slug hunting. That is specifically what the Dnr agent said when i called and asked them about it.
  13. Outdoors_guy


    I sent you an email about the league I have. Oh yeah i just remembered also you are probably going to need the league Id# 406945 and Password: grasshopper. The league is called Central MN Fishing. That should help you sign up.
  14. Outdoors_guy

    Keeper League ?

    Thanks for the opinions guys. I am going to go With Roy. If at all i can always pick mcnabb back up in the mid rounds.