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  1. I am in again this year. The live draft is taken place online. You don't have to attend anyones house. I also favor the limited add/drops. It would be nice though if we did gift cards and we had one specific place in mind so a buy could get something of decent price with his winnings.
  2. You could probably get by without the vacuum sealer. Those things are kind of spendy and then you could put that money towards a grinder or mixer. I work at a meat market and you could get by with just wrapping your sausage. It keeps longer if you wrap it with wax paper and then again with a freezer wrap over that. I,m not saying it would keep longer than vacuum sealed but longer if you were to just wrap it once with wax paper.
  3. The morning of Saturday the 14th seen a fork a four and a six pointer sparring 25 yards from me for about 20 minutes. Seems that the 4 pointer won and the other 2 deer left that area. Saturday night in a different spot was putting up a camera and all of a sudden a 8 pointer comes hauling @$$ out of the cornfield not to be out done a huge 12 pointer was not far behind chasing his scronny @$$ off of his territory. The 12 came running out the corn with his head down and all his hair was sticking up on his body. I know that because he ran within touching distance of me and then stopped 10 feet from me. Didn't even see me or look at me. He stood there for about 5-10 seconds and then took off again after the littler deer. My bow was on the ground and had i been in my stand i would of had the most perfect shot. Hopefully see him again. I think the rut is starting in my area.
  4. I was wondering if you were going to send the lures for the fantasy baseball league?
  5. Im in the suckafree league. so far 7 i was the 7th to sign up.
  6. Well looks like Rondell's days might be out numbered now with Nevin being a twin. Hopefully his bat will help the twins out to get into the post season and throught hte playoffs. would of been nice to get him a little sooner to help the team out. Hopefully he is no Brett Boone from last year.
  7. Well it looks like Mcmahon is getting the boot now they traded for Brooks. I like the deal as long as they didn't give up a high draft which i don't think they would of. Whats everyone else think with the trade?
  8. The 2 deer limit they are talking about is during slug hunting in the lottery area. If you apply for a doe tag and get it then you can take a doe and a buck during shotgun. If you don't apply you can only take a buck during shotgun. So if you get the permit you get to take 2 deer a buck and a doe during slug hunting and if you just tag a buck you can still take 2 deer in bow or muzzle loading seasons. Total of 3 deer. If you don't get the permit all you can shhot is 1 buck and you can take 2 doe during bow or muzzle loading seasons. Total of 3 deer. The only thing different is the permit which allows for one of the 2 does you can shoot to be taken during slug hunting. That is specifically what the Dnr agent said when i called and asked them about it.
  9. I sent you an email about the league I have. Oh yeah i just remembered also you are probably going to need the league Id# 406945 and Password: grasshopper. The league is called Central MN Fishing. That should help you sign up.
  10. Thanks for the opinions guys. I am going to go With Roy. If at all i can always pick mcnabb back up in the mid rounds.
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