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  1. I agree. Once they pop its going to be a good year. This rain has set things up nice.
  2. Looking good. Nice to see people using the mesh bags on these threads.
  3. Thanks guys. I hope there are still a few around when I can get out. If nothing else its a good excuse for a weekend drive and walk.
  4. I have morel hunted the past 5 years or so and have some good spots now in the southern half of MN. I have a problem this year; I can't make it out this weekend and most of next week. How long does the season last? Think they'll still be up the weekend of May 16 or will that be too late?
  5. I agree Pier. I wouldn't mind seeing Hoyer here as a back up either. Better than Ponder.
  6. Twins sign Ervin Santana to 4 year $54M deal. Seems fair. At least he can strike batters out.
  7. Not bad. Not great either. I guess he'd be an improvement over most of the starters on our roster.
  8. What a comeback last night. Glad I kept watching through the third. The Ballard hit got the boys riled up.
  9. TTT Looks like Johnny gets his shot this week.
  10. That's actually a much better option. There are some nice islands off the SC and GA coast. Clear one of those and you're set. Start farming and fishing. Some of those islands even have old forts built on them.
  11. I still think they should go north in the winter. The zombies should freeze solid right?
  12. waiting for buck to chime in.
  13. I've done this a few times with chicken. Another option is just to split it in half entirely. Gives you the ability to move it around a little better if you're grilling it.
  14. Pack boot for me. Most are waterproof or resistant up until the top so it's rare to run into water log issues. I prefer the warmth of the pack boots.
  15. I just saw the Hunter signing. I like it. I wish they never let him leave.
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