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  1. The gift was just a random selection. This Club card event was mailed out to 30,000 people. If you bring a freind in I believe you the orig. card holder gets a little more of a bonus for everyone you bring and they sign up. Thats what they told the employees in our meeting on monday. So grab a freind and have them sign up for a card also. Also dont forget if you need floor mats for the truck or a auger holder for your atv stop by the Auto-Atv dept and see me to pick them up. Dave
  2. Hopfully by now everyone has seen the flyer for the big event STARTING ON FRIDAY THE 28th AND GOING TILL THE 6th OF NOVEMBER. We have lots of speakers that will be there and lots of the vendors will be there to answer questions. It may be a little busy but it will be worth it for the info. Ill try to answer any question anyone have. Hope to see a bunch of you guys there. Dave
  3. The way the discount was explained to us is buy the purchase price that cabela's has paid. Most of the cabela's brand stuff is the higher discount. I am not sure but I know for emplyees if there is a buy something get something free deal you dont get it with the discount. So your better to pay the full price and then you get the free item. It works out better in the end then buying the items seprate.I hope that makes sense.. Its been a long day today..haha I know archery departmant has some ladder stands for the opening. Im not sure of the price. As soon as I find out ill post what I can. All I can say is watch for something in the paper.
  4. Hey guys I work at cabelas in rogers. I work auto-atv and we do open on Oct 14. We do have some special invite stuff going on during the week. Like contractor night and cabelas club and a vip media night and also a night for employee to bring in there family(only living under there roof though) The place looks amazing. Were in the process of doing last minute things a little extra freight all that fun stuff. It should be a great time. We do have actual cash lanes in rogers so that should be nicer then the set up down south. Hope to see all you guys there. If you need something for your wheeler or trucks come visit me in auto atv. Dave P.S employee discount is between 0-40% depending on the item.
  5. I understand completly. With the late Ice in the metro and then slipping and breaking my leg I have had only 6 days on the Ice this winter. And with the leg going to take till June to be healed I cant run my auger. So the only way I get to get out is if I can find someone to go or find someone else's open holes. But thats the way it goes. I hope i have better luck next winter. But I do want to thank everyone on here as it has aleast been nice to read whats been going on. Its made it a little easier on making it out.
  6. Gess

    legal for street

    Yeah we checked. It gives me a little more but not a lot. I have to change my machine address to the farm as they wont let me ag sticker it living in town. I got a warning last year from the local CO. I told him I was checking on a tractor and he said it didnt matter. I need to stay of the road. I had a Helmet on and was just taking my time on the wide shoulder watching traffic. He said there making harder for the machines to get around. Thats why he let me off with a warning. He told me just to be careful. We have no tried making somewhat of trail system to run to stay off the roads. But with the fact there going to be putting a new neighbor hood in across the street this year we can only imagine the the trouble we will have this year. So when we heard this rumor about being able to make it legal to ride on the highway we thought this would be great for us. We will have to wait and see I guess.
  7. Gess

    legal for street

    Thanks northwoods. Seems like i need to move then...haha Dave I wasnt taking offense. I just thought it would be cool also to get more out of my machine.. I help a lot of my freinds who Farm in Victoria and it would be nice to be able to drive the machine thru town rather then truck. Lot easier to get out into the field rather then beating my truck up. plus who dont leave the ruts this way. Have a good day.
  8. Gess

    legal for street

    We have been hearing rumors for about the last year about this. We saw a machine up towards Blaine. He had blinker and looked to be a motorcycle style plate. As it was a stamped plate. I have called the state abou it and they said they had not heard of anything but they said that dont mean it couldnt happen. They thought the machine might have to weigh 500 pounds though. So it made it sound like they have been hearing something on this. I am one that would be in favor of it. Thats why I thought I would post and see what everyone else had heard or there thought on this..
  9. Gess

    legal for street

    Anyone heard that you can license you four wheeler for highway use as long as it has blinkers and can go atleast 50 mph. I have heard from a few people that there is a rule change for people to do this. You must have street tires also. Just wondering if anyone else has heard this.
  10. I have just the basic one and I love it. Its nice I can go out and load my GPS cordinates to it. Mine is only the 5' contours but its nice I can get the just of a lake and I can pull up the dnr info with a touch of a button. Im getting the promap of Winni but the basic version did a great job for last winter we tried a few differnt spots that caught us fish and no one around us. So I would say its a good deal. I think I aid like 30.00 last winter and got mine at Gander Moutain.
  11. I just came in off medicine lake were i was in my portable and the standing water found one of my holes and went from 8" to 13"in a couple of hours. i couldn't beleive the water as it swirled in the hole. Only good thing is that was the hole i pulled all my fish up through..
  12. I have info on a small piece of plywood that I just sit outside by the door. My dad does it the same way and no one has ever said anything to us. It also makes it esier to move it from portable to the next one. CO's have stopped by and have never said there is anything wrong with so Ill keep doing it that.
  13. Thanks Surface. I was kinda wondering if that could be the case. Ill get some sea foam and try adjusting the carb. I did think it might be running a little rich. Thanks again
  14. I have a 10yr old eskimo auger that I got from my gramps. Its has not been used in 5 years or so. When you start drilling it the auger slips. Any ideas? sheer pins r good as I checked those right away. or could it be from sitting for so log that it just needs to be run? Thanks for the help in advance. I want to get out today on medicine but the auger is slow with it slipping..haha
  15. Thanks for those clips.. every one should watch these.. Its some good info.. I have training in Ice rescue and its some good advive for everyone. Thanks for posting it. Hopfully others will look at this and thank you as well.
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