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  1. thanks guys - pretty much what i was thinking we all seem to on the right page. Thanks
  2. Does anybody no what kind of weather around missoula montana would be like in mid Sept ?Am hunting around 5000 feet?thanks
  3. will be going on a combo mule deer elk hunt thisa fall out to momtana have not askes the outfitter yet but what should i sight in my270 rifle at am thinking 2inches high at 100yards??I no the 270 is capable of taking elk no problem outfitter has been hunting/outfitting for 39 years so i no the 270 is great. thanks
  4. savy


    my mistake yes the guardian.
  5. Hello shot 6 different bows last week i really like the bowtech Guidant just happens to be the most pricey one very nice to shoot anybody else have one one yet . Thanks
  6. Was at the local archery shop yesterday shot 2 hoyts, 2 fred bears and then shot a bowtech its called the guardian just loved the bow very nice its got a new design looksa little different but shoots nice any one bought one yet?
  7. I purchased my 04 Polaris Sportsman 500 from hitching post in South St Paul, they qouted me a price then when i came in to purchase it they changed the price higher of course . They also tried to charge me for some waranty work i informed them of the sevice bulletin on it then they said it was ok .
  8. Iam thinking of booking a shiras moose hunt up in b.c anyone no of any websites where guys can check on outfitters or sites about b.c.. Thanks
  9. Hi i will be bear hunting along the echo trail this Sept i heard the berry crop is pretty poor due to lack of moisture in the area any one heard of the food situation ? thanks
  10. shrimping is fun not much meat on one of them litle buggers just have to eat more of them.
  11. I purchased a tikka t3 last fall in 270 caliber went out to Wyoming and shot a antelope iam very happy with the gun its a solid gun. Had it bore sighted it was right on at 100 yards have only shot about 80 rounds through it i love it so far.
  12. Thanks for the info i feed my lab Diamond its good to no about this stuff. thank you. savy
  13. iam heading up to the echo trail monday morning i have a guy baiting for me the baits are getting hit hard iam going to help him bait for a few days iam so pumped up good luck
  14. Iam going to use my 12 gage remmington 870 gun no scope just the rifled barrel shots will be close under 50 yards i shoot the remmington 3 inch copper sabot slug its awesome shot a hog down in tennesse some years back those slugs are good medicine for bears you wont go wrong have a great hunt. savy
  15. there is a real nice one in spring lake park reserve rosemount /inver grove hgts area look up dakota county parks
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