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  1. skeeter185

    Does White Bear have a 48" min

    Every lake that holds musky should be AT LEAST a 48" min to keep idiots like that from keeping them.
  2. skeeter185


    Hit Tonka Fri night from 4-11. Only one follow to show for it. It was a nice fish though. It was following a black-yellow bulldog. I'm going to try again later this week.
  3. skeeter185


    Been out on Tonka twice in the past 2 weeks. Fished the inside and outside of the milfoil. Tried bars, points, deep, shallow. Only 2 follows to show for it. Hope everyone else is having better luck.
  4. skeeter185

    Don't leave your scent wicks out!

    Thats tasty.
  5. skeeter185

    Felt recoil

    I think shooting a slug gun is way worse than a rifle. Even my 7mm. Just think, its trying to push a half pound if lead out the barrel. If you're in the right range, I dont think anything will drop a deer faster than a slug.
  6. skeeter185

    weekend trip numbers lake

    Forest has been a bust for me all year. Only one 46"er from a bar on lake one. Tried fishing White Bear but I cant stand fishing these weed choked lakes. Headed to Mantrap this Fri- Sun. Will probably hit Elk lake also. Will report on Mon.
  7. skeeter185

    Wetting while sleeping

    I have 2 gsp's and they both leak. Estrogen cured one but not the other. Ive tried other pills but nothing works. Spent a lot of money on this dog and she is an excellent hunter. Still working on a fix.
  8. skeeter185

    Lake Rebecca

    So we shouldn't fish Little Wolf or Elk either?
  9. skeeter185

    Arctic Cat Problem?

    Isnt just owning an Arctic Cat kind of a problem?
  10. skeeter185

    to weld or not to weld that is the question

    It must be a Polaris. I had 3 do the same thing. Welding will only hold for a little while in my experience. But its cheaper than new rails.
  11. skeeter185

    Where are you headin' for deer season?

    LaVoi, I'm from Owatonna, but my grandpa has a home by Nevis. We bow hunt there a lot and scouted around ands found that spot.
  12. skeeter185

    Where are you headin' for deer season?

    White Earth Indian reservation. Scary, but usually good hunting.
  13. skeeter185

    First Gun?

    Remington 7400 .270. Shell jamming piece of junk, but my dad bought it for me so I will never sell it.