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  1. How much ice fishing jigs and rods and reels will be here at the garage sale. Or are we talking mainly summer fishing.
  2. This is way too sweet, If I could afford this I would really think about it... Way too go man, sweet house...
  3. I would call strike master. I hear they have excellant customer service.
  4. Jiffy Stealth STX 8" Auger, St Croix Rod & Reel, Jigs, Voyager Cover for new house bought a month ago. Plus many other numerious things. Great Christmas. Thanks honey if you are reading this. I will take you out fishing soon.
  5. So far that is two negatives and 1 positive. I am looking at ehe 2 hp, 8 " model. Would the single chipper Jiffy be better for 40 dollars less. ??/
  6. Has anybody tryed these out? How did you like them, thinking about buying on on monday. People say they throw chips and water all over. Will my boots and pants get all wet!Thanks
  7. May I ask what kind of fish that is?
  8. AWH, is it just the SM 2000 series that will not be shipping anymore. Any suggestions on other augers that would help me. thanks
  9. Do they have to be all beef or can the chicken ones work just as well?
  10. I need a new auger, mind bit the dust today on the lake. It is an old eskimo and 7 years old. I have been looking at the SM 2000, I know there is better out there, but my change is very low, I am in no hurry when drilling a hole so 1 blade is just find for me. But I am getting to old for a hand auger, tryed, too much work on the ticker. Anybody have any opionions on strikemaster 2000 would be greatful. Thanks,
  11. I have the 12 ft hose with the 20 tank. If I had to do it over again, I would by the 5 ft hose, plenty long, only need it outside the house, excess gets tangles up in the storage in the house, And the 11 lb tank, 20 lb tanks are really heavy too haul around when you are pulling. Believe me I know..
  12. How often do I have to spray the bottom of the sled. Do I spray and let dry, right before i go on ice? I really want to try something that will help. two days since i was out my back hurts from the last haul. I need to find something or I will have to wait till I can drive out.
  13. I have the Rocky Ice stalkers that are about 5 years old. Love them. They have 1000 grams of thinsulate and they keep my feet warm when I am out fishing.. Good Boots
  14. The Capt, the ones the clams sell are only 3 feet long, Ganders are 6 feet, I personally have two sets of ganders in my voyager. I really like them. The light up nice at nite, I have gotten by with just 1 set. If I think I need more lite,I hook the other set up too the battery, Should have no problem tying a new knot or finding anything in the tent.
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