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  1. I have yet to fish on Koronis, and always look forward to fishing lakes that I have never been on. With that said, I know that the H2O temps will hovering around the mid 50's, and the late opener will put the walleyes in deeper water 12' to 25'. Looking for anyone that can share some information. Thanks.
  2. It's very intertaining to read the posts on this issue- I'm sure Lowrance would be interested in what real guys think of their product- good and bad. With that said I have had issue with my two units, and wasted a full summer with one going back to Lowrance to be replaced twice- under warrantee. I would think that Lowrance's failure and issue rate would be over 30% and in business that is extremly high- I'm guessing on that number just based on my personal experience with talking with guys at the landings, tourneys, etc. It is truely amazing that I hear the same thing, and this is over several years, and yet Lowrance has yet to figure it out. I know that some guys have had great luck with their units and that is great, but there are far too many of us that spend 1000's on our units that are not so lucky. I know that I expect a product that I spend my hard earned cash on to last longer than a few summers, given the actual duration of time we use the units they should work, period. Every time I turn my unit on, I'm always thinking is this the time it won't work. Given that fact that we all treasure the time we have on the water and we all know that we never do spend enough time on it and to struggle with any piece of equipment reguardless what it is, it is frustrating when it fails.
  3. Good call on the Hummingbird. I've had nothing but issues with my Lowrance units over the past 3 years- and we all know that their customer service is about the worst. Ya just wait on hold for 30+ minutes and send them your unit and a check for $200 or $300 and we can fix it for you. What a joke! I know that some guys love their Lowrances- Just look at the major boat manufacturers- they all changed over to Hummingbird- that says it all.
  4. Setterguy- Couple things-check your stream line- that may be plugged. If the impeller was replaced it will be pumping water to the motor. If you have an air compressor shoot air backwards thru your stream line- you should be able to hear and feel the air coming out. Run the motor again and check the exhaust--there should be water coming out- if not you may have a break in the feed. Good luck.
  5. The show really reflects the sign of the economy. There were some good deals, but the show was small in comparison to previous years. Only 2 campers, more than 1/4 of the building was empty, I didn't see several bigger boat sellers. ie Hallberg, but they did have some boats at the Skeeter booth. In general, I was disapointed overall.
  6. The Titan is a cupped 3 blade prop- Funny thing is if you look at the performance bulletins from Skeeter they run the the stock M-19 props (steel) at 6000 RPMs with a top speed at 49.9. I figured I could squeeze at least 4 to 5 MPH with messing around with motor heights, setback and SS props. I will play with the motor height a little more, but I have to watch the H2O pressure and cornering it may slip. The fact that I have some RPMs to play with (200 to 300) makes me think of trying a smaller pitch prop. When I ran the 21 and 23 I didn't have the RPMs- it was sluggish out of the hole, top speed was around 45 to 46. I'm not unhappy about the performance, because getting there is half the fun! Thanks for the help.
  7. I run a Skeeter 1880, Single console, 150 yamaha 4 stroke (I should have gotten the 200). 5 1/2" set back with jack plate- running about at 5" below pad. SS 19 pitch Solas Titan 2 prop. I'm turning around 5800 RPM's giving plenty of trim, top speed is 51.7 GPS. I think I can squeeze a few more MPH. Thought about dropping to an 18 pitch to get my RPM's up??? I did run a 21 p and a 22p but the RPM's fall way to low. Looking for some suggestions--
  8. killdeer- I looked at the Stratos- I think they are fine rigs. I also found that once I added Items that are stock on other rigs, they were all around the same price. There are many reasons why and how we all deside on which rig we purchase I guess it comes down to money and value. I purchased a Skeeter 1880- Cheaper than Ranger, Lund, Alumacraft, Triton. But it wasn't the money (all though it helps) it was the value, ride, construction, and overall look. All I can add is to be patient and stead fast and you will get what you want. With all that being said I think that all the Manufacturers do a great job building their rigs. Menomax
  9. menomax

    Lund Rumor

    This is what I know- This year when I was looking at new Lunds, I requested to the dealers that I did not want a Merc. all the dealers told me that they could put any motor on, but I would have to pay 5% more for the request.
  10. Youngie22- I caught him mid morning in very bright sun using a Husky Jerk. Had a muskie follow just before I caught the trout. It was cool 'cuz I watch him come out of some logs and chase the lure. If you know that part of the river it's not very deep so a guy looks for deeper cuts. The locator wasn't working, but I would think that it came out of 3' of water and hit the crank bait in about 5' Memomax
  11. Caught a Brown Trout on the upper St. Croix. I've fished this river system for almost 16 years and have never seen or heard of any trout caught on the Croix. I know that the Trade has trout along with other tributaries. The trout was about 17" so a good size and had a lamprey attached on it, right behind the fin. That is the second fish that I caught with a lamprey on it. The DNR says not to worry, they are native and will not kill the fish. Has anyone else caught a trout on the St. Croix???
  12. try Power Pro- it works well. I never tried the Mono-Spider idea. I went with all Gamma and Power Pro. Good Luck.
  13. I travel quite a bit on that stretch of road, and often pull the rig with me, just fished Sand Lake- plenty of action, Small to Med Northerns- but lots of them, a few nice bass. Sturgeon is much the same- but you can tie into a few walleyes there. You have to fish deep the water is really clear. Good luck. Rush is OK- Snake river flowage(Pine City)you can get into a few there as well.
  14. Awesome fishing rig, '04 150 HPDI is solid as a rock- serviced this spring, and pretty cool lookin' Single console, SS prop, wave wackers, Panther Kicker mount, MinnKota Maxium 74# bow mount trolling moter with built in transducer- rigged right now with a Garmin 240. Custom Cover and trailer with brakes. With the Lowrance 332C the first $17,000.00 or you can make a reasonable offer. I'm looking on moving this rig 'cuz I just to delivery on another Skeeter 1880WX. Pics available or call me at 612-309-3023 pics available at ablboats.com/details.php?id=83345
  15. That may be, but I find it hard to believe that Yamaha would exit that market. From all that I read I can't see this happening.
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