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  1. I've used them both. The Eskimo Shark starts quickly on the first or second pull and drills as fast or faster than anything else and doesn't rip your arms off when it hits the bottom of the ice. Terry Mcquoid of McQuoid's Inn used to use another brand until he made the switch to the Shark about five years ago and uses nothing else, and he has drilled more holes than most of us put together.
  2. I've used it in water that shallow and less and have had no problems, just back the gain off a little. The unit is designed to handle the power even in shallow water.
  3. The Marcum 460 and 560 are going to allow you to see at dark and thereafter because of the lighting which has been removed from the face of the camera. I've used it at dark and can now see where I couldn't before.
  4. If you put the screws in you won't be able to wear them anywhere but outside. Just got a pair of Stabilicers and they are awesome. I've used the cheaper stuff that only has traction on the ball and ended up going down hard!
  5. The LXi is perfect for finding structure, setting tip-ups, checking the depth, etc., and is faster than using a depth finder. But for fishing with you really should have a depth finder.
  6. If you really plan on fishing with three the Voyager is a little small in my opinion. No way in the Yukon.
  7. I'd buy something else. The Ice Armor gloves are like sponges. The suit is great but the gloves don't measure up.
  8. All items are currently spoken for. Everything sold almost immediately. The phone was ringing off the hook. [This message has been edited by Ron Anlauf (edited 10-08-2004).]
  9. Marcum LX-3 $150, Marcum VS400 underwater camera $150, Marcum LX-i $70 all like new 320-396-2133
  10. I like the foam floats that you thread the line through. They have enough bouyancy to stay on top in rough water and the european styles do not. They're great when it's flat dead calm. Definetly use a small swivel but I'd use one big enough so it doesn't get pulled up into the bobber and stuck. A lighter leader is a good idea to help with getting the floats back. Ron Anlauf
  11. I'd go if I was you. It's typically pretty darn good. I'll be up there for the Governor's Opener and am looking forward to it. LOW is loaded with fish and there all over the place. Ron Anlauf
  12. First thing to do is to sell the Berkley tip-ups at the next garage sale. That's what I did. Set out your tip-up in an area that you think might be holding fish but don't want to waste too much time on. Spool black dacron on the reel and slide on a bobber knot and then tie in a small swivel and then a three or four foot mono leader. The knot will help you mark the depth and you won't need to check it every time you put a bait back down the hole. I like to use a small colored jighead with minnows but you can also use a plain or colored hook. If you're fishing for walleyes with minnows let them run after they trip the flag until they stop and then start to run again before setting the hook. Hope that helps. Ron Anlauf
  13. All will read through the ice with a little water but you do need some smooth ice to shoot through and I've found a lot of rough ice this year. You can read fish with the depth finders as well as the LXi. The LXi will first mark the bottom and then anything off the bottom and will give the depth it's at and an audible beep. I carry the self lighting torch to create enough water. It doesn't spill or freeze. Ron Anlauf
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