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  1. I've done fishing out of Honokahau Harbor twice in the last couple years. Jeff Rogers once and Top Shape once. Far and away I would go with Top Shape. They are a little above your price point but well worth it. Both times were trolling for billfish/etc. and from what I saw, on that side of the island, that is what most folks do. I asked several people about shore fishing and they said it wasn't worth my time on the Big Island. Again, Top Shape is a top-notch group and you will be extremely comfortable and if you are lucky enough to hook up with anything they will treat you right. HAVE FUN! PS, as others echoed, get out and see the rest of the island, there are not many places in the world you can see so many biomes in such a short distance....just be aware that driving across the island is a REALLY LONG way, it's not a leisurely trek if you want to see any of the Volcano National Park or waterfalls along the way in a single day. Good call on a couple nights in Volcano, just be sure to pack some warm clothes.
  2. Not sure aobut Whitefish but I would guess the temps would be similar to Upper Eau Claire. There, they ranged between 70 and 71 across the whole lake on Sunday.
  3. We did fish it a couple times last year without any muskie contact. However, I have heard some good things so if you can figure out the lake I think it'd be worth you while. Our cabin is on Nelson so I don't have a choice but to trailer so if I had a choice to learn the water off my deck I sure would give it a good college try.
  4. We went out with Tanner Wildes for muskies last summer and had a great time. I know he does pretty well for the 'eyes in the spring too. You may want to check him out too.
  5. mntraveler

    planer boards

    I have Offshores and am happy with them. However, the Church ones look nice too and I've heard good things about them. Go to the store and look at both before buying. Do go with the larger size though. Especially for the big (12"-14") cranks. It is possible to have issues with the boards getting pulled under.
  6. there are way too many around ther to not know exactly where you are going....sorry.
  7. My inlaws have a cabin on nelson so I spend a lot of time there. If you are after muskies, don't go there, there aren't any (one of the few lakes in the area w/o muskies). Historically walleyes have been good but they have been difficult the past several years. However, largemouth, crappies, and bluegills have been fairly easy to catch. Nelson also is a good lake for boating and when you get to the north end there is quite a bit of undeveloped shorline because it's owned by the county. I've not fished LLL or Teal but hear they are nice lakes.
  8. As other have said, things come up. I had the issue last year of being drawn for the same weekend in both MN and WI. Since I had a family tradition of hunting in WI and that would have been my first year in MN, I chose WI. I do agree that a redistribution of the licenses would be a good plan.
  9. I think you said you've pretty much made up your mind to go with sleep number. However, we looked all around and settled on the Original Matress Factory. We got their top of the line bed for less than a low to mid quality bed from all the big names and it seems to be put together better. I know they are spring beds, but we are more than happy with our decision.
  10. We've been out the last few weekends east of Hayward with some success. Got my personal best last weekend, a 43". The fish have been suprisingly shallow in green weeds but relating to deep water. As several posts have mentioned, PLEASE be careful with the fish in this hot weather/water.
  11. I had the same issue the other day and couldn't figure out the problem for a while. Turns out I had a (hopefully I can use a brand name) Kaboom toilet cleaner deal in the tank. It works by going through a chamber with chemical granuals and then discharges into the drain tube (not into the tank itself) in order to keep the working parts in good repair. Anyway, the fill tube (from the Kaboom) was below the water level in the tank and was siphoning the tank dry. This scenario is a long shot. My gut feeling is it's your valve like an above poster mentioned.
  12. Was out on the Tiger Cat Flowage Sunday morning and did find the water pushing that 79 degree mark. We boated one 30" and a 28" tiger. The tiger was a little sluggish at the release but did swim away strong. Also had 2 strikes, 4 other follows, and a bonus bass. All fish came off the weed edges ajoining deep water.
  13. I guess I can't say I've known a spot that does not have a water table. It can vary and I guess if you believe in hocus-pocus (water witching) that it may get you a shallower water table. But if you dig far enough there will be water underground somewhere.
  14. Point taken. I am by no means an expert, just relaying what the Lakeville building official told me was acceptable for my basement last winter. I would agree with Stratosman and say you should go by the manufacturer's recommendations.
  15. One more thing, I see Stratosman said to use cement board AND vapor barrier. This will create a wonderful breeding ground for mold. Do NOT use both, it is like putting a double layer of platic in your wall, the cement board will act as its own vapor barrier. The same is true for the "green" drywall.
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