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  1. My Ford 2 wheel drive with chains on would out do alot of 4x4's when driving though swow drifts. I remember one year my fishouse was iced in on the lake I hooked the chains to my fishouse and then gave it a pull the house didn't move but the chains on the truck just started to dig holes in the Ice with hardly no power Wow !!!! Well after chopping out the fishouse I gave it another pull and it broke free. Truck Chain Work Very Well. TackleBoxMike
  2. A couple years back I stopped and checked out Clubhouse Lake Campground for a day trip in the fall. The drive from Grand Rapids was fantastic leaves on the trees had turned color and the deer were everywhere. We got to the campground and fished at the fishing dock it was pretty cold so we didn't fish to long. We were planning on cooking over a campfire so we gathered up some firewood and started the fire so we warmed up and had a great campfire cooked meal. I also remember the Norway Pines being just awesome with the wind blowing through the pines and the swimming beach looked pretty nice with the water being crystal clear. Well I'm hoping I'll get a chance to go back and camp at clubhouse this year. My wife and kids had a great time and we'd like to go and camp there the next time we get back that way. TackleBoxMike
  3. I know it's early in the ice fishing season but I'm woundering has anyone had the chance to set out tip-ups for Northern Pike yet ? also has there been any big pike caught ? Lets Keep Our Hooks Sharp. TackleBoxMike
  4. Thanks Corey, as soon as some ice forms I'll be testing out the electronic flasher. I can use all the help I can get. Thank you TackleBoxMike
  5. This will be my first year where I'll get to use a flasher to help me with the suspended fish so I'm excited about using my flasher. I picked up a flasher at the ice fishing show both my son and me had a great time. In the past for me I've gone out and drilled holes and used a tape measure or a roll of rope where I've tied knots every foot and put a weight on it to help me in finding out what depth my ice fishing holes where at then I'd work at finding a drop-off. I'd set up the wheel-fishouse and start the wood stove and settle down and get to ice fishing. I've found that fish would be moving up and down the drop-off. I'd have times where crappies and sunnies would bite and fishing was good. Other time when the fishing was slow I'd be thinking a northern pike probably has moved in and scared the smaller fish away. Now if things stayed slow for a week I'd get back to work and move the fishouse to a new location. Now with my new flasher I'll be learning how that works. If you guys have any advise that be great. I've been thinking about how my approach will change. Lets Keep Our Hooks Sharp. TackleBoxMike
  6. When ice fishing for Crappies and Sunfish are the fishing techniques you guys use pretty different or pretty much the same as far as how you guys ice fish for Crappies and Sunfish ? TackleBoxMike
  7. Matt, Thats a great looking crappie it must have put up a great fight. It's exciting when your ice fishing and the spring bobber or float twitches a little bit indicating you have a bite and you get the hook set and you get to reel in a nice size crappie like that one in your picture thats exciting.Congratulations that a Nice Crappie Matt. TackleBoxMike
  8. I've seen the golden rod balls when out pheasant hunting and I've heared some kind of bug nests in there for the winter but I cannot remember with bug has it's home in the golden rod ball? TackleBoxMike
  9. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and got sometime in with family or friends. I enjoyed getting together with the wifes family this year it was great to see everyone. The dinner was great I'm still stuffed. This Minnesota Fishing Forum I think is great. I have enjoyed the reading and I've learned some and also had some good laughs. I'd like to say I'm humbled when reading, talking or BSing about fishing and appreciate what you guys have wrote. When I get out fishing on a lake I'm serious and probably crazy LoL at times becaues I love fishing so much. I enjoy the sport of fishing and love helping my kids out when fishing by taking sunnies or crappies off there hooks. I've enjoyed passing the sport of fishing on to my kids showing them how to put line on a reel, how to tie hooks on to there line, and so on etc. Now I know what you guys are saying about variety and trying different things. I'll pick up differrent baits like waxies, maggots, mousies, etc. before going out fishing but honestly I have not found just one bait to be a super bait. Now at times sunnies will eat anything and sometimes the bite slows down and they become more picky on other days. I'll try different things like going to a smaller presentation and trying different baits and different color hooks to find the combination they'ed like. Well I've got to go to finish cleaning up the ice tackle box with my son and daughter weve been working on getting some ice fishing stuff ready. Lets keep our hooks sharp. TackleBoxMike
  10. We have many great things to give thanks for Happy Thanksgiving You guys and have a great turkey day. TackleBoxMike
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all and have a wonderful turkey day. TackleBoxMike
  12. Reel Funny. When we make that Low Fishing trip I'm hoping the RV will Fly at 55 MPH. You should save some Turkey feathers!!! Happy Thanksgiving, to your family and you Dan have a good Turkey Day. TackleBoxMike
  13. Thanks to all the Ice Fisherman replying to the post. I got to say I really like that door bell idea used for a alarm. I looking forword to trying that idea. I woundering how good the hook sets are when fishing for walleyes on tip ups ? Thank you TackleBoxMike
  14. Well I'm loving the cold weather come on ice. I'm ready to fish sunnies through the ice. Thank you guys all for great replys to the post. It sounds like the bait of choice for sunnies is waxie and second maggots and eurolarva. When I brought up the mousies I think I was thinking of the colored maggots. I sounds like the mousies work better for crappies am I under standing this right ? Thank you again in helping me become a better fisherman. TackleBoxMike
  15. My Son was just telling about some Turkey facts. How many feathers dose a Turkey Have? 5,500 How fast can a Turkey fly ? 55 MPH How fast can a Turkey run ? 25 MPH True Turkey Facts according to my Son. Happy Thanksgiving TackleBoxMike
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