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  1. Come on guys. This would make a great Chritmas present for that special lady in your life. Or for you single guys, You can get the lawn done sooner after work and still make it to the lake before primetime.
  2. Yes, pictures sent to you. It is still available. I am willing to listen to offers. I would really like to get at least $3950 for it. It is a very very good deal. Thank You Kirk
  3. Still for sale guys. This is a very nice lawn mower. I have not been able to get pictures posted yet but I am trying. Thank You.
  4. I am selling my John Deere riding lawn mower. It was purchased new in 2004 and has only 86 hours on it. It is an LX 277 ALL WHEEL STEER. 17HP V-TWIN engine. 48" convertable deck. Hydrostatic drive, Cup holder, deluxe seat. Included is the 7 Bushel Power Flow bagging system that was purchased new this spring. This mower is in excellent condition and has been very well taken care of. I purchased it at a local JD dealer in Rogers, Mn. The lawn mower was $4800 new and the Bagger was $1165. With tax and extra blades it was a little over $6000 total. I am selling it for $3975. The lawnmower is located in Buffalo, Mn. I am selling my house and now do not need it anymore. I will have pictures up within a day or two.
  5. I am only getting 1. Of course that's because it is 28" long and tipped with a 2" expandable broadhead
  6. I will try to get some up here. Most of them will require a scanner which I do not have. I do have some on some in my computer and when i get home tonight I'll see what I can do. I have 2 of the Leaf River Digital cameras and 1 Digital Stealth Cam. I ordered one of the new MAD, Wild EYE, Video cameras. That should be here Thursday. I already have a compatible video camera so all I needed was the housing with the battery and the infrared sensor. Can't wait to get that out this weekend.
  7. What kind of camera are you using? A 35 mm camera does make noise that can be alarming to deer. While a digital camera is silent. Don't let people tell you that the flash spooked deer, they're full of dump, it doesn't. I have about 1000 photos from the last couple of years from 35 mm cameras. However I have moved to all digital cameras due to convenience and batteries
  8. I have 9 stands hung and shooting lanes cut for many of them. Fall food plots were planted this week and I shoot almost every day. YES, even in the hot weather. Have had 3 game cameras up and running for the passed month now and have gotten some great photos . I am passionate about bowhunting and do not let weather determine when I am going to go outside. Whether it be shooting, scouting, cutting down trees, etc.. Get out there guys! The deer aint gonna come to you, and I promise they aint gonna give you a map.
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