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  1. Thanks Airjer, I appreciate the advice.
  2. Here is my story and I am looking for a little advice from a few of the experts on this forum or others that have experienced similar situations in the past. So today I bring my wife's 2008 Honda Odyssey in for some warranty work on one of the leather seats. While I drop it off I tell the service guy at the dealership that I want the oil changed as well. Long story short I get the vehicle back in the afternoon and I noticed the oil light on. So I drive from the parking lot to inside the service department. Vehicle was probably running two minutes. I shut the vehcile off and we check the oil. Dry as a bone. So now what. The service department took the matter very serious and wanted to keep my vehicle overnight. Not exactly sure what they are doing but it was on the lift before they could get me another vehicle to take home for the night. My concerns are that there may not be any noticable damage now, but is there premature wear that will compromise the life of the vehicle. I am not sure I will ever trust the vehicle for road trips in the middle of the winter, especially if it's just my wife and kids. We settled on this vehicle a couple years ago with the intentions of it lasting as a longtime. We figured the additional upfront cost would payoff over time. It's our first Honda and I don't want this experience to result in it being my last Honda. What can I expect from the dealership to make this situation whole. Anybody ever experienced this before? Thanks for any advice. I don't contribute much on this HSOforum but I have definitely learned a lot over the years. Nelso
  3. Could also try some of that recalled peanut butter, so even if they did steal your bait and don't set the trap off there is the threat of salmonella.
  4. Our home's value is a little above average metro price, which is well below 500K. I was just curious to what others were paying for a deductible. I realize the insurance companies are paying out large sums of money for wind and hail damage and they need a way to curtail the homeowners and roofers from submitting marginal claims. I just thought when all my neighbors were getting new roofs more so because the roofs had reached the end of their usefuls life, rather than from any significant hail storm and not having to pay a dime, I had to be missing something.
  5. I received my homeowners insurance renewal in the mail yesterday. With the recent storms in the area, I thought I should refamiliarize myself with the policy. I have a special deductible in there related to wind and hail damage. The deductible is 1% of the insured value. I remember my insurance agent telling me a number of years ago that was becoming the standard for insurance companies and that I didn't have a choice on a lower deductible. My deductible for any other loss, other than wind and hail is $750. Does anybody know if this 1% deductible is an industry standard?
  6. Thanks for the info. I think the yard may have been a little hungry as well. I put down Lesco fall fertilizer a week to tens days ago. Now she is back to her normal color.
  7. I have sodded front lawn that is probably 6-7 years old. I kept the height longer this summer due to the excessive heat. I also have a sprinkler system that kept it lush and green. However, now I have begun to start cutting it shorter. One setting every other mowing and now the front looks somewhat brown. It seems like there is a lot of thatch in the lawn, but it also seems so thick that I dont know if it is choking itself out. Any thoughts on if I should airate or power rake? My mower setting is now right in the middle for my little cub cadet push mower. Thanks for any insight.
  8. My 1/2 horse craftsman kicked the bucket two weeks ago, I replaced with a 3/4 horse craftsman chain drive(red in color). It is a night and day difference in the how quiet this one is compared to the old one. The old one was 10 years old. the new one also has square tubing for a rail instead of the old T-bar rail. There seems to be more support in the square tubing rail-less flexing. It was a little pricier than the 1/2 horse, $190 after tax.
  9. Nelso

    portable license

    I knew there was a reason why I liked this HSOforum. Thanks for all the great input, I think I might try the ski tag idea through the zipper pull.
  10. What's the best way to attach fish house license to a portable house. I have a Shappell portable that is made of the regular tarp material. I haven't been attaching my license to the house and always carry it with me, because I don't think the license is going to stay attached since the tarp is never folded up the same way twice. I know that's not the legal way to do it, but I don't want the license falling off in the cold weather either. I tend to come to the conclusion that if my name is on the house and I have the license with me or the house at all times it shouldn't be to big of a deal. Especially since the house is a portable and never left unoccupied. P.S. Great HSOforum!!! I have been watching posts for well over a year and just recently became registered. Thanks to everyone for all the LOW fishing updates. Nelso-
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