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  1. This is from a bear hunt we did two years ago. We wanted to get a kill on film but it never happened. We have a ton of video excpet no kill so I pieced/edited this together. There are no advertisements in the video or anything of that nature. Just a fun homemade project that we never could finish. The bears that you will see come in are actually 3 cubs and we did not attempt to shoot them. Everything you see was filmd on seperate occasions, just edited together to look like it was all happening at the same time. Can you believe it is ONLY 5 MONTHS AWAY!!!!
  2. Me...at this point in the season am shooting that deer. That is a nice deer and as a reward for battling the cold am taking it
  3. One thing I have heard is that the summit stands do make some noise the colder it gets and I do know that cold does not affect the lone wolf alpha as we were just out the other day in -11 temps. Also I do not know what the summit is like to pack in but the LW Alpha is a treat! Light and comfortable. And as far as comfort goes I think the alpha is very comfortbale. If you are over 220lbs then I would not recommend it though as it is a bit slender. I am about 210 and I fit perfect. Anyone wider than me might have issues. Something to think about.
  4. Get the Lone wolf.....it is an incredible stand. Quiet, light and comfortable. Every bowhunter NEEDS one of these. I used my cousins a couple times this year and was in awe! Its worth the extra $100 and more but don't tell lone wolf that
  5. This is the reply that you have been waiting for because I am about to tell you exactly what you need to do to find your deer!!! Just get out there and hunt and hunt and hunt. Its not working and you know there are deer there then change your game plan and hunt, hunt, and hunt! Posting on a message board will not bring you any closer to your deer. I started hunting a 20acre peice of property this year and there are a ton of deer around. I hjave trail camera and I live there! And I still have not figured them out 100%. I have good ideas of what is happening but still they surprise me. Since the snow has fallen I have learned a ton more. But seriously the only way you will learn your deer is to spend as much time out there as possible. And I just want to touch base on a previous reply..I think it was from humbercita?? about the 40 feet viewing stands. Its funny you mention that because I am reading a book about targeting giant mature bucks and they suggest using that method. I think the book is by the drury brothers. They say get in what you think is the core and get up as high as you possibly can and watch and learn. They say start doing this before the season. Good tip!
  6. Quote: The "how can the neighbor sleep at night" comment is a little extreme for reasons aforementioned. I guess I just take my relationship with the deer and hunting too seriously. These deer mean a lot to me. Especially the ones that I hunt. I spend countless hours out there and have conected with each and every deer on some level. Therfore I think that other bowhunters feel the same way. That is why I would give him the rack. I guess I am just putting myself in their shoes and not speaking for them. I'm sure, at least it sounds that both are content with the outcome. It would never just be a rack to me. There is so much more to it. I'm also not suggesting that it belongs to the tipp.
  7. I hate to stir the pot but it has to be said..... How can your neighbor sleep at night? He should of given you that deer. Just running through the scenario in my head a few times and a few different ways and I know if I shot that deer I would want it. I also know if my neighbor and I were talk'ing and I found out what he had I would give my neighbor the deer. They are just antlers to him. To you they are a memory and much more than antlers.
  8. Hey....Thats my area Here is one thing I have learned. When you think that you may be in an area alone or have just got exclusive access to hunt an area think again..they are everywhere. One property I was told that I was the only one allowed on the property. Within 2 weeks I found out two other guys were hunting it. They aren't hunting it anymore! This has happened at two places. I just got 50 more acres to hunt and I am again told that I will be alone...we'll see. The deer move just like any other deer. Maybe some are more nocturnal...just a thought. I can post more tomorrow, running low on time!
  9. I didn't see anything. The next day the whole area was tore up and tracks everywhere. They must of waited till the snow stopped flying. Might try and do a morning hunt tomorrow.......???
  10. I'm heading out in about 20 minutes for a last light hunt! I'm going to focus on a feeding area. These deer are now in winter survival mode. Last year I noticed that once the snow flew they were stacked up in the protected feeding areas while the snow was fallin and the wind was a blowin! Wish me luck Skipping the ice show for this!
  11. If you have the time and the will ya better get out there. I just read a post somewhere else about a guy who went out and shot the biggest deer of his life when the wind was howling and the weather was crappy. He said the big ol boy was just trotting along and stopped about 15 yds broadside. These big ol deer are hard to predict.
  12. OK...Check this out! This is from 11:30am today! I was cleaning my house and saw this out the window. PS. I did not edit the music in..funny becasue it is soooooo fitting! Here is a You Tube link to the vid I am cancelling my other property plans tonight and focusing on him. I have an idea of what he is up to
  13. Ok...finally got my decoy back and plan on using it tomorrow. I have been invited onto some new land and am hunting a foodplot inside the woods. They are small plots and one is being hit consistently every evening but not always by does. Should I use a doe decoy with scent hoping that the big buck that is hanging back wil make an appearance in legal shooting time??? I know he comes in but it is always after dark. Maybe this will help get him in earlier?? One concern is spooking other deer. Will they feed in comfort with the decoy there?? I want to shoot a deer tomorrow night but want to give the big one a chance. So 5 minutes of shoot time and he isn't there I will take a shot at another but will they hang around with the decoy?? Does this make sense??
  14. You should not of gotten out of your stand until it was too dark to shoot (legal time). By getting out of your stand and getting your arrow you spooked that deer off even farther. That deer could of easily come back if he was as hot on that trail as you say he was. The other night I had a buck come in 4 different ways on me. I had some scent out and imagine that is the only reason he wanted in my area. I was having horrible luck and he was so on to me but he kept coming. Heck, you could of tried letting out a couple bleats or anything but getting down and ruining the last half hour or howver much time you had left.
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