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  1. huckfin

    Week 8

    Looking on the bright side were both 8 for 8 in the top 10 It must be that Renville County advantage
  2. huckfin

    Week 8

    Was having alot more fun when I was in the lead. PIcks lately SUCK THE BAG, Trying to save picks for later is not working to well either,Bayne, Almendinger, Kahne and Ty dillon should all be in C just my opion
  3. huckfin

    No Yahoo Fantasy

    Signed up for another year, hoping for better results Thanks
  4. huckfin

    Frost build up around entry door

    I keep a squirt bottle with windshield washer fluid in my I/C
  5. huckfin

    2017 Fantasy Nascar?

    Thanks for the mulligan I'm in
  6. huckfin

    Fish house tongue height ?

    Probably just going to leave the way it is. I do not want the sway and bounce, Have to tell the 1/2 ton chevy 4x4 to suck it up and pull !!
  7. huckfin

    Fish house tongue height ?

    I picked up a diferent receiver that will raise the front 2". which should put it at level. I'll try it this weekend to see if it helps. will post later and let you know if it helped. thanks to all.
  8. huckfin

    Fish house tongue height ?

    I do have all the weight up front, couch and bunk are the only things in the back. just checking on advice before I hook up on level and head down the road at 60 and have the rear end swaying.
  9. huckfin

    Fish house tongue height ?

    I have a 6-1/2' x 10' with 3' V front fish house. 2-30# tanks and 2 batteries in the v plus storage. When hooked to truck with 2" drop hitch the house sits low in the front, trails great but pulls hard. will getting rid of the 2" drop help it pull easier while still trailing decent?
  10. huckfin

    2014 Chase - Contender Round

    Newman - Busch - Hamlin - Edwards
  11. huckfin

    HSO Fantasy Nascar 2014

    In and lookin for revenge
  12. huckfin


    I've had one a couple years now. Satisfied with unit, no problems, have not compared to others as far as quality of view, but would get colored if I was to replace. Whats a couple more hondos when it comes to equiptment.
  13. huckfin

    What temperature should your ice castle heat to?

    I had the same issue with my IC, Removed factory thermostat cover, then the temp select slide had another 3/8", cut out a little plastic on cover and was good to go.
  14. huckfin

    hummingbird transducer interference ?

    I got the 898c HD SI, Hoping to install this weekend. Thought about putting the transducer for the 586 on trolling motor, but that means the other half has to raise and lower trolling motor to use the locator. That being the case I would probably be better off just giving you the locator so as not to listen to the P & M ing.