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  1. I bought some boots at UglyDogHunting.com. I've been slowly breaking them in on my Britt. She flopped around the floor with them the first time I put them on, but once I got her outside ... she started to get used to them. They've got a zipper, velcro system that helps keep them secure.
  2. I've got a Britt and I took her to Kaos Kennels in New Prague ... http://kaoskennel.com/. They do a lot with labs. Good, clean facilities, I really enjoyed the trainers and felt they did a great job with my dog. You can check out their web site to get an idea on what kind of training they offer, rates, etc. Best of luck and have fun!
  3. Congrats on the new pup! We go to the Elm Creek Animal Hospital in Champlin ... not too far from you. We really like it ... and we've had a few major experiences to get to know them well. One of them included when my pup was 6 months old, she had a very slight break in her leg and they mended her up great! One of their staff, Dr. Richard Reierson, especially enjoys working with sporting dogs, which is a plus in my mind...though we've delt with all the doctors and they've all been great! You can learn more about the staff and clinic at their web site if you want ... (no unauthorized links) Best of luck with bringing home your new addition!
  4. I use a Tummy Saver ... got it from Ugglydoghunting.com. It stays on well...and it's not too spendy. My Britt's chest was getting raw from hunting and this certainly helped....plus it helps make her more visible to my hunting partners ... two in one protection!
  5. My dog will stare once in a while if there's a dog on screen ... but it would have to bark in order to get her interested. It's the sounds that drive us crazy ... especially anytime a doorbell chimes. Those Dominos commercials get her everytime. You'd think she'd learn when she finds there's nobody at the door.
  6. Brittboy


    Just noticed this thread ... congratulations as well!! I second Wild Willie's comments: "Just remember that pointing dogs, Britts in particular, can be a little on the hyper side, some more than others. They are extremely intelligent and can become a handful if they get bored or are not getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. Make sure you stick to your guns regarding discipline and make sure you stop and purchase a bunch, and I mean a bunch of good chew toys." My Britt just turned two and the only time that she takes it easy around the house is the night after a day of hunting. She is one busy dog who loves to be involved with the family ... whatever we're doing. Couldn't ask for a better companion at home or in the field. Have fun!!
  7. Went NW of Hutchinson Saturday for about 4 hours ... as you said the conditions were pretty good considering what is was like Friday. Saw quite a few other hunters out. My dog found a few hens hiding in the grass and almost darn hit a rooster flying above me on the road but other than that it was slow. I would say 80% of the corn is out with some fields still in here and there. Can't wait for the big freeze and some snow as this will open up some areas where the roosters are surely hiding.
  8. I ran into the same problem last year. I found some at Galyans (if you haven't tried already) ... call ahead though. Good luck with your search!
  9. Looking for any up to date crop reports West or SW of Hutchinson ... or even Mankato Westward? It seems the corn is coming out but would love some percentage estimates if anyone has been in these areas the past few days. Thanks!!
  10. Spent the last four days up in Northern Wisconsin. First time up in this area for me ... probably saw/heard a couple of dozen grouse at the minimum and a handful of Woodcock, but told from friends who live there that the count is certainly down this year. We worked hard and only came home with a handful of birds for the freezer. Weather was warmer Thursday and Friday and the birds were tough to find but after a front moved through Friday evening and it cooled off, birds finally started moving and eating. The colors were spectacular and the leaves are rapidly dropping.
  11. Went Sunday morning for a few hours South of Lake Mille Lacs. Flushed a half dozen Grouse and a Woodcock. Unfortunately, didn't bring anything home ... still thick out there ... but the pooch did bring home quite a few ticks! It was great to get out though ... nice to have cooler weather!
  12. Minnesota is lucky in the sense we have a lot of public land to hunt on. I use a map guide put out by Delorme called "Minnesota Atlas & Gazetteer." It has detailed topographic maps of the state that include WMA's, State Forest land, etc that are open to public hunting (though make sure you read your regulations!). You can pick it up at most outdoors stores like Gander Mountain. I use it religiously to find new public land to hunt and keep notes within the guide for future reference. I'm not familiar with any good pheasant areas as far north as where you are, but if you go SW, I know people who have hunted for pheasant NW of the Twin Cities, though I prefer to head a few hours W and SW of the Twin Cities. I hope this helps get your started in finding new places to go. Best of luck!
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