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  1. LuckyNorm07

    XBox 360 or PS3 ?

    I went with a Sony PS3 because, it has the wireless card built in(Xbox does not unless recently changed) and also can play blueray movies. I really enjoy the PS3 but, i have always gone with Sony(i guess my preference) I have never owned a Xbox.. If you need to have the wireless card you going to end up in the end paying about the same price.. Your going to have different people telling you different things..almost like Ford vs. Chevy debate..
  2. LuckyNorm07

    PS3 Froze

    Hold the power button on the PS3 down for like 10 seconds.. it will do a hard reset..
  3. LuckyNorm07

    Ice making Chart??

    Thought that i would bump this up with the cold weather were having.. and were making ice!!
  4. LuckyNorm07

    Favorite Senko

    I think it's the color.. Green Pumpkin with Black Flake
  5. LuckyNorm07

    2008 NHL Playoffs! Round 1: Avalanche vs. Wild

    The Wild have there work cut out for them..
  6. LuckyNorm07

    2008 NHL Playoffs! Round 1: Avalanche vs. Wild

    What an ugly game is right!! 119 in penalty Mins.
  7. LuckyNorm07

    Auger Extension time?

    I finally bought a gas auger..strike master mag express.. i was wondering in the amount of ice before you would have to put on an extension? looks like im going to have to get one soon..
  8. any updates on the ice conditions in this area.. i will be heading up there tomorrow and wondering what the ice thickness is?
  9. LuckyNorm07

    Having Identification of Your Portables

    I think it is 2 inches in height..correct me if im wrong..
  10. LuckyNorm07

    how do you pull your suitcase style out??

    I own a clam 5600 house as well, it does get hard pulling.. what i do when pulling out the house is set it up first and throw all the fishing needs inside the house then pull it..with the windows(or door open a bit) open so there is some wind flow through the house.. doesn't hurt to try it..
  11. LuckyNorm07

    weeds for ice fishing

    Here is a link to a post on it ealier.. http://www.fishingminnesota.com/forum/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=1202513&page=2&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=1
  12. LuckyNorm07

    Reel Weeds...how to

    People have tried to do this(in a previous post) A do-it yourself kit and so far it has not worked.. i love this product and feel it does help to bring in the fish(or atleast keep them around alittle bit longer). I think it would cost more to buy all those fake plants and then put it together.
  13. LuckyNorm07

    Question on the Otter Wilderness Series houses

    I ordered the house monday night and got the house last night.. 2 days i was very impressed..
  14. LuckyNorm07

    Question on the Otter Wilderness Series houses

    Ya, that was one thing i was worried about is the seats..They don't look too comfortable. I was thinking of replacing them with an otter padded seat. Pretty good deal for them though. I got the walleye series. How long did it take to ship?