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  1. I have had no problems with my Mako, going on 3 years now.
  2. I have to agree with the majority and say flasher. I have both a Vex and Aqua-Vu, the flasher makes every trip the Aqua-vu only goes out when the kids come with.
  3. Big Paulie


    I've had mine for 3 years now and I have no complaints.
  4. Also just a heads up Fleet Farm Brooklyn Park has L-A Nuggies out as well, i went by while working tonight and picked up a few packs in white and some red ones too.
  5. office max has SD memory cards on sale this week 512 mb for 11.99 1gb for 19.99 Ad good til saturday...
  6. Merry X-mas to all & Happy New Year.
  7. Now thats one heck of a fish. Way to go.
  8. Anybody have any luck using small hand tied flys for panfish through the ice. My kid brought some home from his Grandfathers house and wants to try them. I have to say they look pretty good.
  9. My weekend started today. My sons and I hit a local lake but didn't ice any fish. But I did catch a huge grin on my sons face and it was great to be out on the ice again.
  10. check out the portable modification thread. I have a frabill portable that I modified. I don't have any pics of it up but the info and pics in the thread helped me alot.
  11. Paulin 3500 heater cooker keeps us toasty while on the ice.
  12. Well - Garbage on the ice is always a bad thing, I mean come on people pick up after yourself. People who drill holes in a plowed road, the long strech of clear ice going across the lake with cars driving on it is not a good place to start fishing. Snowmobiles, ATV's and people in there cars and trucks racing across the lake acting like morons trying to see how dangerosly close they can get to each other and people fishing. NO GOOD!
  13. Big Paulie


    Perm or Portable Ice House for me. Minnesota born and raised.
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