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    has anyone been out fishing for some slabs went out last night got about 10 crappies but what kind of jig should i use?
  2. if transported in truck it needs to be in the bed of the truck and every part of the deers body must be coverd except for the head
  3. no its not to warm i can hunt 2 weeks before state cause im native american and so far ive seen 15 deer couple of nice ones but none worth taking a little snow would be nice lets hope for some snow or a lot
  4. thanx for all the replys i dont know if i should get a smoker or a dehydrator though what do u guys think
  5. does anyone out there have sum good recipes i need sum cause im goin to start smokin and i dont know a good recipe thanx for any advice
  6. thats pretty far to walk you probly want somthing light and something you wont get to hot in
  7. i remember last deer opener up north here we had a couple of inches on the ground i hope we get sum snow here cause im itching to snowmobile
  8. does anyone out the have any good venison jerky recipes cause i plan on make jerky this year and i need a good recipe
  9. its 14 i just took the gun safety class when u turn 16 u have to by goose stamps and deer licences
  10. 30-30 easy to get through thick brush and puts the deer down
  11. i just got back wasnt all that good maybe tomorrow this bad wether we are having was making me mad hopefully things get better
  12. tomorrow im goin to go do sum white tail deer hunting tomorrow but it looks like sum rain so i dont know
  13. i live in the northwestern part in detroit lakes minnesota went out this morning jumped up 4 mallards an 2 pinntails flew over me but not much flying
  14. i have a big river its my first goose call its a flute its one of the easest yet
  15. are the ducks juss starting to fly or did most of them fly already i think they are just starting to fly cause of tjis cold weather might be pushing em' to fly
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