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  1. - NL I'm not trying to sound like a [email protected] I would just like to look at the rules/registration for 2009. I haven't fished this event since 04 so I know I'm not going to get one in the mail. Also all the other walleye events I fish in MN have updated their sites for 2009 regarding rules and schedules etc.
  2. I'm wondering where I can get a registration form? The site doesn't appear to be updated yet so maybe someone could email me one. fisherman4ever (at) msn (dot) com Thx, Eric
  3. Another option for you is look into Pre-fishing the PWT with a Pro. They are always looking for an extra line while Pre-fishing. Another National Walleye site...this pops up frequently on the Tourney forum. I currently fish the MTT and this circuit is run very well. I have fished the local tourneys in Duluth and let me tell you there is a huge difference between those and the MTT. I learned more fishing that circuit last year then in 10years prior. Most all the folks that compete on the MTT are very friendly and helpful.
  4. Check out the Minnesota Tournament Trail. They are heading to LOW in July as well as Winnie July 23rd. This is a very professional run operation. I have fished 4 events this year and can't say enough good things about the way things are run.
  5. I did. Did you get my message back? Let me know and I can resend you an email. Thanks, Eric
  6. Sold 275.00 is a steal you do know? Your 275 will cover 1BFG 285/65/18! Shoot me an email and we can work out the details. fishermen4ever at aol.com Thanks.
  7. TTT...Norm's got back to me however they were very high in price on the BFG's! Anyone else have any ideas? Somebody out here has to have a need for a like new 18" truck tire.
  8. I sent Norm's an email. Thanks again. The Crew works great for hauling or for passangers. The seats fold up and there is a metal rack floor that folds down. Perfect for my Lab. Tons more space back there, also the longer WB makes for a nicer ride.
  9. Checked the Revo's No 18"ers yet. Nice tire though. Hey does Norm's take tires in on trade? Do they sell BFG's? thanks guys....
  10. Grouse, Thanks for the idea. Revos? I called a couple NW metro Ford shops with no luck. Anybody... these are nice tires! 325.00 for all 4 ! I called on my BFG replacements and they are 225.00 per each!
  11. 350.00 OBO.. Hey anyone know of any tire shops that will take like new tires in on trade towards new ones? I know of one in Duluth but now I am in the Metro so that is a bit of a drive for tires.
  12. Welcome... Anyone need any info on the new 05's I will let you know. Also anyone looking for a deal on nice new tires make me an offer!
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