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  1. got excited from seeing a few lucky hunters on this forum and decided to take my 10 month setter out for her first shedding whirl yest. and i did see 4 nice antlers...they were still attached to 2 big bucks with a small white and brown dog not far behing their trail...good luck everyone
  2. Things are still going strong in Cumberland WI, my wife spotted her first dead elm that happened to have shrooms under it...and i now have a new spot! casey
  3. you should be looking for someone in the area who has been doing it for years....haha jk. it's hard to tell where they are going to be. When i lived in north central mn, I thought I was the morel king because I seemed to find them everywhere. Now I am in my 2nd morel season in Wisconsin, I hunt the same kinds of woods and can't seem to shake one up. Keep lookin, you run into them eventually if the ticks don't get to you first. good luck.
  4. i was out on the east side of norwegion bay on beaver dam lake and duck lake on wed. Duck had 4, beaver dam a little less...either way they have plenty now.
  5. my dads first wisconsin buck shot on the opener. casey
  6. Cumberland is good! we have had some storm damage, but have been pretty fortunate so far considering all the storms that have passed. Fishing has been good lately, have had success with everything but muskies. if your in the area, im always looking for people to fish with. [email protected] later casey
  7. i shot a 40" bull out of zone 62 a couple of falls ago, you picked a great zone...Most people i seen during my scouting and hunting headed west to kawishiwi, and i am not sure about there results but hear there is lots of moose in that area. Me and my dad hunted the east side of sawbill (smoke and burnt) and shot the moose opening morning. Seen a few big boys when i was scouting also. If you want email me and i will tell you in more detail all of my findings! Good luck to you casey [email protected]
  8. I lived in Duluth for 7 years and never found a single morrel (got frustrated after a couple and quit looking.) But generally, when the birch leaves are the size of mouse ears...its time to hunt! Good luck to ya. casey
  9. here are the 3 i found around my new surroundings before all this snow hit last week.
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