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  1. Ya I know it is,if I had to guess I would say all of 300.
  2. Had this one come in last night.biggest one so far but for the last couple of years I have had a couple in the same area that are quite a bit bigger.this is the best pic of him,so what do you think he weighs?
  3. Not sure if this is the same bear or not.i got all the pics at the same set on same day and have been the only ones I have had show up.
  4. Seeing if this works,this is the first one I had come in.just a young one.
  5. I finally got hit by 2 bears yesterday,first one at 7:50pm and the other at 10:15pm.either one was very big maybe 150 tops could even be the same bear,hard to tell.the first one came in shortly after a good thunderstorm rolled through dumping a lot of rain.i only have 2 sites going and both bears hit the same one.its a start anyway.
  6. Nice,I knew it haha...no hits for me yet,a ton of berries around here.
  7. I am going to give the shuttle t-lock black.ops a try this year.
  8. I have a 2007 harley ultra classic.
  9. I have the Montana black gold redzone hd and I can say it is the best sight I have ever owned.brightest pins out there never need a light with this sight plus excellent customer service with lifetime warranty.
  10. I have a couple bushnell trophy cams with the black LED and really like them nice pics and the batteries last for ever,I have had them out since January and still haven't changed the batteries.just run them on the lowest sensitivity settings or blowing grass and branches set them off.I also have a moultrie d55ir and it has been a decent cam for the money,has a little noise to it but I doesn't seem to bother the deer or bear.
  11. go get em jeff,i have a feeling your going to be rewarded nicely.give me a call when you want to get the skull done,talk to you later.Good Luck Bro!!!
  12. Awesome,great job Halle your doing it right Jeff congrats.
  13. Congrats,very nice bear and great story.I could clean that skull up for you,PM me if your interested and I will give you the details.
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