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  1. Is this a recent trend or has it always been going on? That might be the reason for so few fawns seen this last deer season, in my hunting area.
  2. Well written, Andy. [Note from admin: Edited. Please read forum policy before posting again.]
  3. You've saved a ton of money on the used bow. That is great news. Now, Mathews will no-longer recognize the warranty because it's a second hand bow (you are not the original purchaser). That $ucks. Why don't they have transferable warranties?
  4. Quote: Tap the front sight to the left gently Correction: Tap the front sight to the RIGHT gently.
  5. Are they ever muddy! The question is not whether the fish taste muddy or not, but whether the water from which the fish came from tastes muddy. There is no muddy tasting water through the ice and I believe MN's trout stock ponds are not muddy either.
  6. almostthere!


    Koonie, He shoots them right behind the ear. Shot placement is the key. Recently, I purchased a wild boar from a trapper. To kill it, he shot it right behind the ear with a 22 Short. The beast dropped on the spot. If a 22 Short can do that to a boar, a 17 HMR would have no problem doing the same to a boar at 100 yards. What is more important: a small caliber that will allow you to hit where you aim or a big caliber that will cause you to flinch?
  7. almostthere!


    17HMR is a great killing round. Have a cousin in Missouri who regularly kills wild boars with one. Shot placement is the key. You don't have to worry about the "mess" anymore. CCI came out with a FMJ last year which leaves very small entry and exit wounds. Just make sure you know what is beyond your target.
  8. Quote: A real and serious problem in this instance-and others- is the number of new people we have in the country who do not speak understandable English. I believe it is well PAST time for the MN and WI DNR to make some attempt to explain to new immigrants our concept of wildlife management and bag limits, hunting methods and means. Lets wait and see. Fatz, That comment is really racist and uncalled for. There is a regulation written in the Hmong language. Besides that, knowing English has nothing to do with this murder case.
  9. I envy you. Wish I could spend time in the woods with my dad. He is paralyzed and cannot move his left side. Spend as much time, as God allows you, hunting with your father as possible.
  10. Where did you find these great prices? I'm in the market for a new Tikka laminated stainless steel rifle and could not find any cheaper than Sportsmans Warehouse.
  11. And so it starts all over again: hunter murdered in the Wisconsin woods by another hunter who is on probation and should not have been allowed hunting in the woods. Ouch...
  12. "Muffled shot"... Now that sounds suspicious. Some one was careless with his/her rifle. Now, that is sad.
  13. Are you talking about the $12,000 units or are you talking about the $300 units you can purchase from some of the sporting goods stores? I have not tried the $12K units, but have bought a $300 unit and returned it. The key words here is "returned it". It was not worth the lead used to make the circuit board. Either the unit didn't work as claimed or I was too stup!d to use it correctly. Either way, it was returned. You might want to consider a thermal camcorder.
  14. It is sad to lose any hunter to either neglect or accident. How did it happen?
  15. To clean a squirrel: 1) Skin it, the same way you would a deer. (You don't have to hang it by the neck) 2) Boil some water and dip it in. Pluck the hair off and slit the stomach open. Remove the inners. Next, build a wood fire and flame the squirrel (this step is crucial for the removal of squirrel stench). Get the skin nice and brown, then scrape the skin under running water to clean it. This way, you will have more edible parts (skin is the best part of the squirrel). Finally, cook it as you like. To clean a rabbit: Just skin it. Rabbits have a loose skin, so you can just pull it off with ease.
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