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  1. HawgMan

    New Batteries

    Decided to stick with the tride & true Interstates. Local business will sell them to me for $118 each, which appears to be a good price compared to other places I've checked. Thanks for all the input
  2. HawgMan

    New Batteries

    Time to replace the trolling motor batteries. I'm currently running two Interstate SRM29's that are getting tired. Just curious if anyone has tried the SLI31MDC Duracell Ultra Battery BCI Group 31M & if they were as dependable/comparable? They go for $109.99 at Batteries +, which would be around 30 bucks apiece cheaper than the Interstates. Thanx for the input
  3. HawgMan

    Macys First Turkey!

    Good Job!!
  4. HawgMan

    Youth hunting

    My 17 year old daughter would like to go. She doesn't have a firearms safety certificate, is it required to purchase a license? I'll be with her the whole time. Also, can you buy a youth license any time during the season or do you have to get one before season opens? Thanx!
  5. HawgMan

    Spawning Walleyes

    Great Pics!
  6. A good box call is hard to beat, but I prefer the diaphragm.
  7. HawgMan

    First ever recorded treed cougar in MN

    See one run accross county road #8 in Floodwood about 20 years ago.It had just snowed,so it was very visible. Stopped & got out to look at the tracks. Two leaps and it cleared the gravel road.
  8. HawgMan


    WooHoo!! 507A for me Was really hope'n my son would get his 1st time try, but no go
  9. HawgMan


  10. HawgMan

    Upland dog choice

    +1 for the Brittany
  11. Doesn't really matter if your there at 5:00AM or 9:00AM courtesy this day in age is out the window. We've had people pull in just before 9:00AM & literally bust out of there vehicles let the dogs loose & jump the fence just to get ahead of us. It's a sad deal, and to think, these morons are teaching there kids to grow up to be the same way.
  12. HawgMan

    If They Could Only Talk...

    Love them old buildings & farmsteads. Thanx for sharing.
  13. HawgMan

    One For the Old Man

    Great Job! A Memory for sure
  14. HawgMan

    I GOT A WOODY!!!

    Very nice shots, great colors!! Hope to get out soon myself...
  15. HawgMan

    Winner take all.

    Great Job!! Not an everyday find, Thanks for sharing.