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  1. I got a text Thursday morning of a pic my brother took of a house that was under on Big Lake, said there was a nice red wheel house there before but all you can see now is a red corner sticking up a little above the ice so he's not sure if it's the same one. Then at work on Thursday also a lady said her son's house went under on Big Eagle north of Big Lake and that he's waiting for the recovery team to come out. A friend of mine had a travel trailer converted into a fish house go down on Mitchell lake about 5 years ago and that cost several thousand dollars to get out. Not sure why anyone around here is leaving any houses out unattended yet with the weather we've been having this year. That wind really cuts under those houses quickly with no snow and if the sun comes out like Tuesday with those temps it doesn't take long. I'm sure there have been some very interesting phone calls to some hopefully VERY understanding wives! Be safe out there.
  2. Good to hear that you weren't over run with people, we weren't either, only saw 4 others all day Saturday. Pressure was way down for some reason. As for shooting on the roads, they do it all the time. Last year I watch as a couple of guys drove a small swamp while another guy stood on the road and he shot a small buck as it crossed the road, which is why we asked if it was ok. We also saw people doing the same thing yesterday. My dad passed up a nice doe yesterday because it was running straight down a road but I'm sure many out there would have taken that shot. I've also seen several guys that all they do is walk up and down the roads hunting. There is no muzzleloader season out there but you can still use your bow. Good luck. We did see some deer but not as many as usual but the sign is there.
  3. Good luck in that area as it is swamped with people and the deer are moving at about 30 miles per hour. We were in that area last year and that area looked like a sea of orange. We will be in the area again this year but are putting on waders and getting into the swamps. The area you are looking at is a long walk but it has about 5 different access points from different directions to the big field you are near and it seems to attract the hunters. Also, you will see guys walking or standing on the roads shooting at the deer as they cross the roads, which we did ask about and they are ok with since the roads are closed to vehicles. Also, this is not state land, it is federal, make sure you don't leave your stand out there. And I know you know this but please make sure you wear plenty of orange. By the way, we will be in the area but not in your spot there, but that is a good spot, IF you are able to get there 1st. Good luck!!
  4. Was out there looking around this evening as it was getting dark and I saw a half dozen ducks, shouldn't take too long to take care of them on Saturday between the 300 groups of boats and those walking in!!
  5. Hey Bigslugger, I think I saw that you were hunting near Pelican lake, I live in Monticello and there are a lot of geese heading out of town that way in the morning but I didn't go to see where they were ending up at. Are you seeing anything out that way? Was there much for ducks flying out there?
  6. I haven't hunted the early season the last couple of years but we hunted the water in western MN for years in the early season and we shot A LOT of geese between 10am and noon, that's mostly because that's when they're coming back to the water from the fields. We did get out early because there was some shooting early also but usually a big lull until later in the morning. Likewise, if you are in a field they're generally going to be heading there pretty early so be set up and ready. Good luck out there. I can't wait for the regular season to start with the cooler weather!!
  7. There were actually 2 dealers there but 1 of them only had 1 5th wheel down there. My family has been in the business since the 60's and this show isn't worth going to because there just isn't many sales from this show. The RV show in Feb is much better but was down this year as well. Times are very tough right now and those spaces aren't cheap. There will be dealers and manufactures going under. Sounds like Fleetwood, who is a huge manufacturer has or is in the process of going under. There will still be some that make it through though. 5th wheels are still ok but big motorhomes are very tough right now. Get out there and look with this nicer weather.
  8. We usually hunt in western MN but last year we weren't seeing many deer out there so we stayed near home and hunted the refuge. Also we used to hunt it years ago. Last year we ended up shooting 10 deer for seven of us and 5 of them came out of the refuge. I hunted both weekends and all week and I never had another hunter even walk by. I saw a few in the distance and heard a lot of shooting but none where we were. The key is to get out of the oak woods and into the swamps. There are places that we need hip boots to get into. On Saturday last year it took 7 of us from 5:00 to 8:00 to get 2 deer out because of what we had to go through but we always see and get deer. There is plenty of area but get there early and stay away from the easy stuff and be prepared to walk. Good luck.
  9. Last weekend we had thousands of mallards coming in to our decoys on Saturday evening and most of the day on Sunday. We limited out very easy on Saturday evening and Sunday morning was even better except that it was raining and was so dark and dreary that we would have hundreds of mallards right on top of us but we couldn't pick out the drakes from the hens. They would be way up there and as soon as they saw the decoys they would set their wings and down they would come and it looked like a tornado as the circled down with ducks at every level. Also this is when you hear them using the feed chuckle all the time. The three of us finally ended up filling up our 12 greenheads at 12:30 but we had ducks decoying pretty much constantly from dawn until we were done. This was in the areas you are talking about. The birds are there in large numbers but they are grouped up on lakes that don't get hunted and come out to the picked corn fields to feed. We did see some divers flying but not enough that I would get the boat out for them yet. Wish I was up there this weekend but couldn't make it so next weekend it's either deer hunting or back to the mallards. Very tough choice but either one will be fun and maybe will even do both. Good luck out there.
  10. DON'T use a decoy during the gun season, I don't have the laws in front of me at the moment but they may even be illegal during the firearms season, but even if they aren't you would be taking a risk of someone taking a shot at it and not seeing you. Even if you are on private property all it takes is one person to tresspass and take a shot. Good luck and be safe.
  11. We butcher our own now but have had great results with Elk River meats in the past also.
  12. We have deer hunted zone 4 in the Morris area for years on public land and we do see some pheasant hunters around. You'll pretty much be able to tell if there are deer hunters out there by 9am when you start and I would look for WMA's that have very few trees or brush which will cut down on the number of deer hunters. If you look around you will find plenty of areas with no one in them. If a party comes in to drive it for deer just get out of the way and let them go through and then continue hunting after they're done. We like to see the bird hunters during the day because they also move the deer around. Just be courteous and keep your distance and you will have a great hunt. We see a ton of pheasants during the deer season and this year has been great so far and the corn is still coming out. Make sure you wear plenty of orange and just to be safe put an orange vest on your dog. Have fun and good luck.
  13. I've shot over 40 deer with a remington 870 smoothbore with a scope and 2 3/4" sluggers. Out to a little over 100 yards it was very deadly and grouped very well but to find that out I patterned several different brands. Each gun will pattern different. I now went to a slug barrel and core loct slugs and am comfortable out to 200 yards but I would feel comfortable going back to the sluggers if needed. Make sure you pattern several and 3" mags are not necessarily better. Good luck.
  14. We were up grouse hunting 10/5 and 10/6 north of Grand Rapids and heard something I have never heard before; grouse drumming at night. It was very bright with the full moon and we were staying at the end of a logging road hoping to hear the wolves howling when at 10:00 pm we heard a grouse drumming, we all looked at each other in disbelief and just thought it was a fluke when a diffrent one started drumming. In all there were at least three diffrent birds and they kept drumming until we went to bed at 11:30. Just wondering if anyone has ever heard this before? I have heard them drum in the fall on nice days before but never at night! I am assuming it must have something to do with the bright moon. By the way the hunting was fantastic as the four of us filled out both days!
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