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  1. so, like this? If it worked, that's a 40" pike I caught on a little lake up in Canada. My friend had one on (25-30") and then I got mine about 15 feet away from the boat. I didn't know for sure how big it was, but it took about a dozen runs (on a 5'6 ultralight pole with 6pound test, I've caught at least 4 fish over 36" on it, one 40 incher with no leader and just a walleye jig!) and took about 20 minutes to get. Easily the best fight I've had with a fish in my life!!!
  2. Don't know, but I hope so! It's what I spooled up this year lol!
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  4. We have a lake up in Canada that I would never give up, I mean never. I usually catch at least one 40" pike per trip, and probably hundreds of smallies, all in the upper teens and a few in the twenties. We've taken some guys up there, but not that would be able to find it again, or that would have the means to get there. I probably would do the blindfold idea, lol!
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  6. Spork, now that I've uploaded it, how do I get it onto here? I imagine I copy/paste one of those, but which one?
  7. The bouys, would those be the red/green channel marker bouys, or the white/black rock marking ones? Kind of a dumb question, but just want to make sure.
  8. Hey, if you guys've checked the Tonka thread, you know I'm a new musky fisherman, and although I have all the gear, I'm still looking for places to start. I figured Tonka, because it's such a good lake, and White Bear, because I've fished it for craps and eyes before, so I know the lake. Anyways, any insider info on techniques, lures, and of course, locations, would be deeply appreciated. I'd make this post longer, but I just typed up the one for Tonka, and am too lazy to do it again, which I think proves that I'm a real fisherman! Well, if you have any advice, hit me up at [email protected] All advice appreciated!!!!!
  9. Hey, I finally got a few musky rods, filled my first hanging tackle box up, and everything's ready to roll, but I still need a place to start! I was wondering if I could get some general pointers on the lake, from techniques to lures to locations... especially the locations!!! Lol, I'm not asking for GPS coordinates, just some bays or channels that are constant producers? I'm the kind of guy that if I go out there, catch one ski' or a few northerns, I'll come back every other day for the rest of the summer, but if I get skunked, I'll get out maybe a couple more times, so I'd appreciate any advice that would make my first big esox (I love big northern too, caught a few 40's and upper 30's, but nothing past the 42 mark yet!) hunt on Tonka a successful one!!! If you guys can spare the time, hit me up at [email protected] All info is appreciated!!!!!!!
  10. Could you give me a link to the site? I have a spare baitcaster I'd like to rig up with a heavier reel.
  11. I say 4 lines, but two must be tip ups. That way, you're only uping your chances on pike (or big walleye), which are hard to find normally.
  12. Deitz, could you provide a link? I've always wondered why they never made a radar unit. It would be as valuble as a flasher or cam!
  13. That's why I love having a dad, they pay for everything! Lol, seriously, I plan on (trying ) to limit myself to the leaders, and any special deals in the store.
  14. Do you just pull everything on your house? It was pain last time. I'm thinking of cutting the fins off some water-skis we never use, and putting the house on them.
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