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  1. Hitting the ice tonight, either pulling the house or rolling the dice for the colder weather!
  2. Ottertail and West Battle have really big dark wet spots on them.. The water is really flooding thru the cracks as of todays snow. Granted they only have about 3-4 inches of ice in these areas. Rush was fine tonight as I rode the snowmobile across. Did not hit one slushy area, we shall see what tomorrow and wed snow brings. I believe we are in for a long winter on Ottertail. Going to be some unsafe ice, and looking at some flooding for some time..
  3. I think they are paying down 10 spots? I dont think there is a cap on it for teams, I would imagine they are looking for 100 teams?
  4. Walleye Tournament Sept 10, 7:30-4:00 on Ottertail Lake put on by the Henning Giants Baseball Team Fundraiser. $100 entry, 5 fish limit live release, $800 First prize, with big walleye and northern pot. Contact Kevin Cook 218-583-2063
  5. threeway

    Hunting Lease

    Could anybody give me a quick look of what their hunting lease may look like. Or how it is drawn up? I'm making a hunting lease and really have no clue what to put down or write up on it. I realize some of the important items, but just some essentials. Does anybody have any they could PM me. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. It is classified as ag land. Located in Ottertail County.
  7. If a person rents out your property with a farm lease to plant acreage, do you get taxed with rental property? Are you nicked with extra taxes besides the one you are showing you are receiving for the lease? First time renting out land, just checking with you guys who have done all this. Just want to cover my bases before leasing out the property. Dont want any surprises next tax season! Thanks for the replies....
  8. That is the same thing I was thinking!
  9. Maybe it wont even matter in April? The birds will not be dependant on this food source. So, they might not be patterned that easy. Now they just feed at the feeders all day then roost about 100 yds away.... Obviously its great they are feeding them, food is very hard for the birds and deer to find right now.
  10. Actually, the feeders are along the tree line that is about 200 yds from any buildings. The farmers wife doesnt want the seed and such to ruin the grass. She has a tremendous lawn for a farm yard, I wish mine was like that. So, I think I should ask her to let the feed to run out or check with the local CO on this.
  11. If you have a new piece of property to turkey hunt, and the land owners have bird feeders out for other birds. But the turkeys keep coming into the yard and destroying the feeders etc.... Can a hunter legally hunt near this food source or not? I'm assuming its like deer hunting. Feeders have to be removed prior to hunting.
  12. Thanks, I have two Moultrie and want to try this one out.
  13. Wildgame Innovations IR5 5.0MP Digital Game Scouting Camera with Infrared Flash Anybody use these cameras? Are they as easy to use as Moultrie? do you like them/
  14. threeway

    ATV tracks

    Bandit, If you dont mind me asking, what did you end up paying for your tracks? With tax I was close to $4,000 including everything. I talked to Polaris yesterday and they suggested to re-clutch my vehicle. Reason being that the belt may start slipping if you put to hard of a load on it? Like pulling a bigger fish house etc.... I know that you have not done this, but have you noticed anything like that?
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