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  1. I remodeled my house last year and used steel siding, steel roofing and have high efficiency UV reducing windows. Since then my cell phone signal in my home has got worse. I have read about Wilson cell phone signal boosters and a couple other brands too. I am just wondering if anyone out there has used anything like these? The one I was looking at was at Radio Shack and it was Wilson brand and it was about $380. Seems kind of expensive to me but I need phone signal and data communication. I currently get about one bar and my phone changes from 1x to 3g to no data. Plus I will lose calls in places that have worked in the past in my house. Outside I will usually have 3 bars and a pretty consistent 3g and 4glte. I am about 5 miles from the nearest tower but there are hills all around me. Any info would be great thanks.
  2. I have a free yahoo fantasy hockey league that is looking for one more team before the draft tonight at 8pm. I have it open to the public but I thought I would put a message in here to get some MN guys a chance. It is League Name is Yeo's Boys. Thanks. Or it maybe listed under toddrichardsboys. One of the two. ha
  3. Seeing all the security cameras for sale these days in the Sunday paper ads got me thinking. Anyone ever hooked up a wireless video feed for a deer feeder for the winter months? I made a deer feeder last winter and I put my trail cam up to view the deer. Just wondering if there is a reasonable way to actually watch the deer live? I have done some internet research and have gotten some ideas. Any other directions you can point me in would be helpfull too. I will share if I find anything good. THanks.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Hardtimes, I am not looking to spend quite that much on thermostat\controller. Have you found any other way to control the output of that 1500W element from Cabelas? Could you put a dimmer switch on it? Might try the mr heater adjustment too.
  5. THanks for the ideas. I have gone the route of the electric stove burner. I have an old Kelvinator range that I have taken the guts out to get the burner to work in my smoker. I basically took an old computer power cord with the female end cut off, exposing the wires. Then I put wire conectors on the ends of the white and black wires. Then i hooked them up to the adjustment knob....cant remember the correct term for the adjustment knob. Anyway it worked. Only problem is it only gets to 150 degrees in my smoker. Wouldn't even get my wood smoking. Kinda thinking I need to wire it for 220v. Any other tips are welcome. I will post with updates later....maybe even some pics.
  6. Thanks guys! Yeah my friend at work also thinks the hot plate is the way to go. I think I might try that route next. I thought of the hot plate route before I started but I didn't think it would get it hot enough. Now that I have done some more internet research I have found more people with the hot plate technique.
  7. I just finished up my old fridge conversion to smoker and I am tinkering with a way to heat it. I tried my mr. heater cooker on a hose ran through the bottom so the hose and valves are out the bottom and not melting. Anyway...it is too hot on the lowest setting. It got up to 300F in about 1.5 hours. Is there some way to tame it down by putting a valve or adjustable regulator in. Has anyone else used a Mr. Heater cooker for a smoker heat source. WOuld an electric source of some kind a better option? Like a hot plate or something? I am open to anything cheap and easy.
  8. berfish

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    Yep! Been out a few times already. Water is cold.
  9. berfish

    NCAA Tourney Time!

    I made my picks. The first game had already started when I made my picks so....not sure how that works. Anyway I will give my theory on the Tourny. I think the Gophers have the most talent in their bracket but that doesn't mean they will come out of it. I hope they do. With all the depressing sports teams in this state we need a winner. UMD is going to the Fozen Four. Denver will lose in the first round. Michigan vs Michigan St. and Gophs vs UMD for the Frozen Four. Gophs over Michigan for the Championship. Hopefully my WCHA and CCHA bias isn't too obvious. I just don't like East Coast hockey of any kind. Probably the same kind of hatred that all WCHA teams have against the Gophs. I don't really post too much but I lurk in the hockey page more than any other page on this site. I don't have much to say very often.
  10. +1 I don't think the acquisition is going to affect things too much in regards to repair and service. On the SM HSOforum there is a list of about 100 service centers that say they can do anything the SM techs can do. D-Rock in New Brighton is basically "Strikemaster Metro". I do feel bad for the employees if they will be out of work. I would have thought that they would have been offered transfers or something.
  11. berfish


    I think Parise would fit our team pretty good though. Koivu is not a #1 center. If we inserted Parise to #1 center and Koivu down to #2 center it would open up Koivu offensively. But I also not betting on that we will get him either. There are some other teams that will want him too and can afford to pay him. I hope we can add a d-man and a number one center. I haven't looked at who will be available free agency wise but maybe we will have to trade some assets (not necessarily prospects) maybe backstrom to get the guys we need?
  12. berfish


    I like the schultz\gilbert trade because I think schultz had reached his ceiling about 3-5 years ago. THis year he has definately regressed. Gilbert can, allegedly, move the puck out of the defensive zone. That we need. Our d-guys(zids, schultz, falk, zanon) routinely chip the puck off the glass right to the other teams defense. Now that we have got rid of the expensive older "chippers" we should see breakout improvement....right.... I was reading on the Oilers message board that Gilbert is prone to turning the puck over on the breakout. Hopefully that was a problem with his forwards not helping him out. I think our forwards back check better that edmontons. Time will tell.
  13. berfish


    Our defense is pretty brutal in terms of playing physical and being able handle and move the puck. I was looking over the stats of the Houston Aeros and noticed Chay Genoway is the leading D scorer. If I remember right he was a puck moving d-man. I think he is kinda smallish but so is spurgeon. Not to mention the WCHA has produced quite a few good D-men recently. Just wondering why they don't give him some playing time with the big squad?
  14. Does the update fix the bottom flicker? I don't own an LX-7. I like everything it does except that bottom flicker I saw on the online video.
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