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  1. Story of my life---Day Late! Hemlock, you will enjoy the boat, I have logged a few/many hours in that rig and it has been an absolute joy to fish from.
  2. I just picked mine up Friday, and the clerk gave me some adhesive paper to put on my tag. This way I will be able to attach it to my shelter just like last years tag. I'm not sure if all locations have this but, I got mine at the County license office (Same place as vehicle tabs). Hanson- This will also work for the trail stickers
  3. GregT

    Gopher Hockey!

    Hopefully they will actually perform, unlike the other MN teams. I'm excited for the games to begin as my 7yo will be playing during one of the intermissions on Oct 15th.
  4. I've used this a few times on fresh salmon fillets and it is a refreshing change from just grilling with garlic, salt and pepper, or seasoned salt. 1 12oz can of frozen pineapple juice (thawed) 3 Tablespoons Soy Sauce 1 Teaspoon Minced Ginger Mix together Set 1/3 of marinade aside to use as dipping sauce Marinade fillets for 1-2 hours
  5. If you want your 5 yo to be able to bring home his 4 walleyes from Canada, he will need to have his own license. Otherwise the fish he keeps will be counted towards the limit of another license holder. At least this was the information I was given Last fall when I was in Morson with my 2 boys.
  6. I too just had to repair my winch cable. I went to Northern and they set me up with the cable clamps. I did look at the ferrule and was not confident that I would be able to get it crimped good enough as I do not have a bench vise or a bolt cutter to pinch it in. So far I am happy with the repair. I am still able to lift the plow high enough even with two clamps. I cut my cable with an air cut off tool set on very low rpm's. Seemed to work well. Northern also has the actual replacement cable for around $25.00. The clamps were less then $3. Hope this helps.
  7. Too bad they didn't have the parts you needed. They are really the only 'toy bone yard' that I know of. No I haven't been out on the ice yet. I have two boys that play hockey (6 & 9 y/o) so I don't usually get out until early January. It just seems that things slow down and Momma is more willing to let me get out then.
  8. K2 send me an email and I'll give you their number. Not supposed to post the number here as they are not sponsors. tirevoldg(at)ci(dot)fridley(dot)mn(dot)us
  9. K2, not sure where you are located but, Hi ten sport between Anoka and Elk River may have the parts you are looking for. I know that they have a lot of older snowmobiles, motorcycles etc. I think I remember seeing a recent ad in the StarTribune for older parts from them. Apparently they are in the process of getting rid of the inventory that is just sitting in the bone yard out back.
  10. smokercraft; according to the DNR's web page, stud stickers are no longer needed as long as the sled is registered in MN. You still cannot ride on paved trails.
  11. You could always just put traffic cones or the little orange soccer goal cones that the kids have lying around the garage next to your tip ups.
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