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    I heard there are 2 lakes connected to Big Detroit by a river. Are there muskies in these (mellisa & emily) lakes? All info appreciated.
  2. I sent my e-mail to the brainerd fisheries.
  3. The pond was slow Saturday with only 1 follow from 1 to 9pm south end. Did anyone have better luck?
  4. If you want to have another spot to catch Muskies please e-mail the Brainerd Fisheries Office and let them know you would support their efforts. See below for details. News Release: DNR Fisheries requests public input on proposal for stocking muskies in Brainerd. The MN DNR Area Fisheries Office in Brainerd is announcing a public Open House as a courtesy for anyone who would want to provide input into the proposal to stock muskies in the Miss. river in the river reach extending from above the Paper Mill Dam to Aitkin. Muskies are already present in this specified reach but are believed
  5. Just wondering if other people are getting bites or follows? Last Wednesday 3 of us had one follow, 3 bites where we did not get a good hookset, and one follow the follow was probably the fish we did end up catching. You never really know for sure though.
  6. How good are the du-bro pro series wire straighteners? Can they take the kink out of multi srtand leaders and single wire leader?
  7. I'm looking for beaver tail spinner baits (I think that is their name) on the web and cannot find a site that sells them. Does anyone know where I can find them?
  8. I'm looking for a line counting trolling reel. Would like to keep it under a $100. I troll about 3 days each fall. I need a clicker and line counter on the reel. Does anyone have a reel that they have field tested and can recommend?
  9. Has anyone had sucess at night fishing with glow type lures?
  10. Fishing partner and I had 3 follows last night and missed one. The size of the fish was better than average for the lake we were on. Did anyone see better than average muskie action with the full moon period? Also I used topwater for about 45 minutes last night. Is this the wrong time of year to be trying topwater?
  11. I'm sure I didn't spell it correctly, but how is the fishing in western ND?
  12. Does a guy need a snowmobile to get around on the NE SD lakes or is a 4WD truck ok?
  13. How thick is the ice on Waubay? Can you travel all over the lake on a 4 wheeler? Are the eyes biting?
  14. Mike, What are the proposed new regulations?
  15. Wondering if anyone had luck catching skis with the full moon? If yes, what depth held fish?
  16. Jigs and minnows have worked for me on Waubay. Crawlers with hammer gold spinners have worked on Kettle/Cattail. I would probably pull shad raps or your favorite artifical and cover water until you find the spot on the spot. Also the bait shop owner in Grenville will tell you if the fish are active on Waubay or not if you call in advance. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Fort Sisseton has a campsites. It is on Cattail-Kettle lakes. A good walleye, perch, and crappie lake.
  18. The Full Moon was on August 11th. Did anyone have sucess catching big muskies 2 days before, 2 days after, or on the day of the full moon? Did anyone see numerous fish on these days? Just curious what happened to other fisherman. I did not see any fish Monday evening.
  19. Yellow, not chartruese, yellow. Brass blade if the bait has a blade.
  20. I will be fishing Leech Friday and Saturday. Is anybody having good luck? Anyone willing to share info about Muskies on Leech??
  22. Has anyone had sucess with a Wades Wobbler? If so what is your preferred way of fishing it - slow, fast, twitch, etc...? Also what is your favorite month to use it? Thanks
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