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  1. Yes 3 different lakes. Fri, Sat, Sun. Zero follows. Zero in the net. Why do I fish skis...?
  2. If you look at the new finance legislation (see below) there is a Section on page 125 of 126 page bill legalizing Spearing on Cass. Everyone take the time to call or email Gov Dayton letting him know your opionion on this topic that would ruin a trophy Muskie fishery. Thanks 11-3661 - 87th Legislative Session (2011-2012) [11-3661] 125.9 Sec. 68. RULEMAKING; SPEARING ON CASS LAKE. 125.10 The commissioner of natural resources shall amend Minnesota Rules, part 125.11 6264.0400, subpart 69, to allow a person to take fish by spearing on Cass Lake. The 125.12 commissioner may use the good cause exe
  3. Grab a non rattling crank. Grandma, tripleD, etc... Hold it by the lip then shake it. The split rings and hooks make a rattle sound on their own. Conclusion is that all cranks rattle. Question is to what degree or intensity?
  4. Did you know that Leech Lake, in the heart of Minnesota's lake country, is one of the primary Muskie stocking resources in the country and a premier Muskie fishing destination? In 2003, the Leech Lake Area Watershed Foundation joined forces with the Minnesota DNR and Muskie fisherman across the Midwest to purchase 1,150 feet of privately owned wild shoreline on Five Mile Point of Leech Lake to protect one of seven known Muskie spawning areas on Leech Lake from the impacts of development. The Minnesota DNR now owns and manages this property as an aquatic management area (AMA). An additional
  5. sugar has treated me like a baby does a diaper so far this year. maybe others are fairing better...
  6. this seams very vague but read between the lines. Listen to the bug I was in his boat one time in August it paid off... Old baits fished new ways...
  7. The price is great. The white tubes will shade your lures so they don't fade in the summer sun. Thanks for sharing. Off to the hardware store.
  8. I will throw db10s. They work well. Topwater, plastics, and raddogs will be diversions when the pma (positive muskie attitude) is low. Although I should probably throw some jakes this year too.
  9. So I'm going to make some lures this winter to fight off boredom. I know that Cowgirls have .051 wire. But... What size clevis attaches the blades, what size beads are on them, and that other bullet shaped pice the size would be??? Also I've heard that throttle cable is what the flashabou is wrapped around. Where do you get that? If anyone can let me know, it would save me some time and possibly money. Thanks in advance.
  10. For your bucktails specificaly cowgirls you can order new wire forms for them from stamina tackle the .051 is what they are made with but the .062 is heavier wire that will work also. Cut the back end of the wire on the damaged lure take each piece off the damaged cowgirl one by on and slide it on the new wire form. Then when you have all components on the new wire form grab the top wire and bend it with a needle nose and wrap it around the needle nose to form the loop and then wrap it 3 times around the shaft. Brand new spine for your cowgirl. This will work for most bucktails.
  11. I think I'm 4 for 4 on my topwalker. And I'm 2 for 13 on my pacemaker. Blowup & Hookups. My expeirence with the topwalker is a swirl, the lure is in the muskies mouth, set the hook and land it. My experience with the pacemaker is BOOM the fish explodes on it lure one way fish a different way. Actually one time I did get way too excited and pulled the pmaker away from one fish. But have others experienced the lack of hookups on a pmaker and the sucess of the topwalker as I have? Or is my experience unique? Thanks in advance!
  12. RU - no to Lobster question. Gotta thank RK for telling us to throw topwater until ice up. That one took 3 or 4 swipes before getting hooked. Unbelievable for Oct.
  13. The best 2 out of 5 on the year. Oct Nov
  14. So if Aberdeen got 9 inches of rain. Did Oahe lake levels rise or does none of that water flow towards Oahe? Basically wondering if Oahe's water levels have come up at all this spring?
  15. DNR to hold public meeting on Aitkin area fish regulations DNR Reports The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Aitkin Area Fisheries, will hold a public input open house on Saturday, Sept. 16. The meeting will give the public an opportunity to comment on special northern pike regulations that have been in effect on Sissabagamah and Wilkins lakes in Aitkin County and on muskellunge regulations on Cedar and Mille Lacs lakes and the Mississippi River. The DNR is seeking comments on the special regulation that requires anglers to release all 20- to 30-inch northern pike and allows an
  16. Rollin on the Trap with Perch and Bug. Old baits fished new ways... Smoked Perch 40 Musky Bug 48 JJJ 35
  17. I heard you could send Abu's to some place in Iowa for 5 or 10 bucks plus shipping and they fix them in 1-3 days. Does any know of this or have the address??
  18. Got a weighted suirrely burt this spring. Tried it out and it spirals through the water as I jerk it. Does not dive and rise. Should I twitch it or pull it to get the best action out of this lure? Help needed...
  19. I have a Top Walker that has lasted through 3 fish over the last 2 summers. Similar lure that you may want to try.
  20. Thanks for the info. Does anyone else have a comment?
  21. For those of you who own one give me your opinion on how well it tracks the depth when trolling and casting. Also can you have your trolling motor down and your tiller motor down at the same time and have your tiller do most of the work while the trolling motor tracks the depth? Any other info you would like to add would be appreciated. I'm looking at the 82lb 24volt model. Thanks
  22. Tyler, thanks for the info. Since you're from Aberdeen have you heard any reports about Oahe??
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