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  1. do you still have that Vex for sale.. and what is your asking price at this moment?? Do you live near the twin cities too? thanks
  2. Buddy of mine got his from Wildrose Kennel & she is an exceptional dog! I was lucky enough to buy a pup from him, that I'm now looking to get breed myself next year. They have some very nice dogs there too. I know my Buddy is getting ready to have his Wildrose dog bread again here in the very near future if your interested I'll put you in contact with him. (Note From Admin, Please read forum policy, Thank-you)
  3. True, but they try to keep a smaller standard it seems from all the dogs I've looked at. American and British. Would like to keep it that way for what I'm trying to breed for.
  4. Yes I am. I like everything about them.. especially their small size.
  5. I'm looking for a British Lab Stud Dog in the area, for my dog. Know of any?
  6. I think I can put you in contact with a guide if he's still out there.. Let me make a call 1st...
  7. So did any of you guys head out there ice fishing and have any luck? any pictures? Thanks
  8. Feeding time is a good time for training your dog too.. Then remove the bowl when the dog is done eating. What goes in, must come out, or there will be trouble.
  9. The sour smell of an infection in the ear, will not be mistaken for anything else. Ticks and gnats, are out now too, and like to crawl into dogs ears. See a Vet.
  10. I just switched from IAMS Larg breed puppy food, to Diamond Performance Formula, and my lab seems to be doing well on the food. Her performance has been good, and her coat looks great, and her weight is where it needs to be. Best of all, other than my dog doing well on her diet, I'm feeding 1/2 the amount I used to, and picking up less in my yard.
  11. Thanks for the info Cat Ferret. I've been doing some checking, and it seems I'll have to bring my walleye gear too, when I head out that way.. I also plan on hitting the yellowtail dam also, had good times there in the past.
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