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  1. gl7mm

    Ice Around Morson?

    Thanks a bunch Mad Muncher - I like a man with an opinion! Frozen Shiners & Salties it is. They have been making a bigger deal lately about even the quantity of Salties you can take across so wanted to be sure frozen were OK. I don't want to get the boot. I'll try to throw up a post on our trip. Hopefully warming up this week that -30 stuff didn't look very enticing. gl7mm
  2. gl7mm

    Ice Around Morson?

    Hi all: I have a cabin further east in Ontario and thought I may as well use my CD fishing license on the Big Lake in the winter. We are going to stay out of Morson Pelican Landing and give it a go. Question they have been unable to answer - Does anyone have the name and phone number of the bait shop in Rainy River? Also is it permissible to bring frozen shiners across the border for back up? Sounds like no live bait around Morson and obviously can't bring it across. Help is appreciated and am fortunate this forum is active! gl7mm
  3. gl7mm

    minnesota hunting

    Hey Huskerfootball I have hunted Kansas a few times and am curious where you hunted down there and if you still hunt there? I grew up south of Mankato and may be able to give you some suggestions. Send me a private email. gl7mm [email protected] [This message has been edited by gl7mm (edited 09-07-2004).]