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  1. Ely Lake Expert


    I will guide you, $100 a day. Money back guarantee if you don't see birds cause with my dogs and where I hunt you always see birds. Available weekends only.
  2. Ely Lake Expert

    Wolf Hunt Reports

    I am a little late arriving to this thread. I had a wolf tag and didn't see any. A friend hunting in one of my other stands saw 2 chasing a doe opening morning. I picked the wrong stand that day. That's all our crew saw the whole season. Good luck to everyone still hunting and trapping. At least I got my deer.
  3. Ely Lake Expert

    Deer Numbers ?

    That is a bummer for all of you guys talking low numbers. Where I hunt there are so many deer it is barely a challenge anymore. I'm honestly baffled that the dnr changed my zone from 5 deer 2 this year.
  4. Ely Lake Expert

    Wolf Lottery Results are up

    My dad and i both applied. I got one, he didn't.
  5. Ely Lake Expert

    If you caught an EYE on opener what depth?

    I will tell you where they weren't. Anchored in 7 feet of water behind an island keeping the women in my boat out of the wind.
  6. Ely Lake Expert

    out of country lisc.

    This is correct. My fiance is Canadian and all she had to do is give them her passport. Your friend will get a regular nonresident license.
  7. Ely Lake Expert

    Why is it Illegal to dump Fish Guts?

    When I was younger and unaware of the law, I would always go dump them in the little bay with lilypads where the turtles live by my parents house. It didn't take very long at all for all the guts to disappear and I'm sure those turtles loved me for it.
  8. Ely Lake Expert

    Early Ice Walleyes

    wow, ive been trying my whole like to catch 1 fish like that
  9. Ely Lake Expert

    From the stand reports

    i havent seen anything from my stand, saw 3 does yestgerday while walking the edge of a swamp. 5 people in my shack and i am the only one gthat has seen any. i havent heard a shot within 5 miles and there is usually a shot every 5to10 minutes in my area on opener
  10. Oh geez, why did I look at this. I don't know how I am going to make it through work today.
  11. Ely Lake Expert

    Which gun will you be using ?

    same gun, different bullets for me
  12. Ely Lake Expert

    When are you leaving for the deer camp?

    i have to work til a bout 8pm friday night, but i live 20 minutes from the shack and have been prepared for weeks. only thing thatg sucks is missing the fridayh night party
  13. Ely Lake Expert

    Decision to make.

    call in sick to your football videos imo. just tell the coach you have duck fever
  14. Ely Lake Expert


    Have heard lots of drumming over the last couple weekends by Makinen, MN
  15. This is all over by our hunting land this spring, mostly by the river. I really don't know what kind of droppings these are. My best guess would be beaver, cause we have too many beavers running around there, but I don't remember seeing it in the past. Here is the pic, Thanks