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  1. Strange year for me. Switched from one pan on a turkey fryer to wood and cinder blocks. I tried to order a Mason hobby evaporator but got my order in to late for him to get one to me. The trees looked like they were budding so I pulled the taps earlier than I should have and missed a couple of weeks. Only made a couple of gallons this year. Too little made this year to bother filtering so I have a lot of niter in some of the jars but we do not really care. Learned a very important lesson - do not put your setup right next to the lake. That lake comes up every year when the ice goes out. Looking forward to next year.
  2. I told him that will be the easiest one he will ever find. Also told him to not eat any that we are not sure what it is since many will make you sick and some will kill you. He likes making and eating syrup more than mushrooms so maybe I will send him out hunting for morels and pay him with syrup.
  3. It is hollow inside. Guess my son found his first one five feet from the parking lot. Now he knows what to look for.
  4. This is a morel, right? My seven year son found it next to the parking lot while I was putting the straps on the boat.
  5. mpester

    Goodbye Minnesota :(

    Check out the reports on the MD DNR page. I never got any walleyes in MD when I grew up there but I do see some large ones on this page from time to time. Some nice muskies as well. The Upper Potomac can be good for those two types of fish. http://www.dnr.state.md.us/fisheries/fishingreport/
  6. 1 1/4" tall X 1 1/8" wide at the widest point. It is a stone and not just a piece of cement. I found this for sale on the internet. #GLN26 1 1/8" x 1" A drilled stone pendant made from a quarts pebble, black asphaltum residue shows that not only was it strung, but also needed to be secured as well, likely dates to the Woodland to Mississippian Periods, ca.3000 - 500 B.P., North Georgia $65.00
  7. Does this look like something man made or did I just find a rock with a hole in it? Thanks.
  8. mpester

    Goodbye Minnesota :(

    I grew up just north of DC in Montgomery County, MD. You will have no problems finding good hunting and fishing all around MD and VA. The tidal part of the Potomac has great bass fishing and huge blue cats. Plus it has been invaded with northern snakeheads which I hear are fun to catch and they are good eating. The Potomac north of Great Falls is not tidal and has great smallmouth fishing. Wet wading in the summer is a great way to catch fish and cool off from the heat and humidity. As you keep heading north on the Potomac, you can start finding walleyes and muskies. Even further up, it has world class trout fishing. The entire Chesapeake Bay is great fishing. Public hunting for ducks will be crowded but can be good. You kind of need to have deep pockets or rich connections to get in on the best hunting. If you think the public areas around MN are crowded, you will be shocked at what MD and VA offers. Way too many people but if you hit it right, it can be good. Ocean fishing is what I miss the most now that I live here in MN. Assateague and Chincoteague offer good access to surf fishing but they are also crowded in the warmer months. My parents have a beach house on the Outer Banks and it offers the best surf fishing south of the Mason Dixon Line. I have had weeks down there where you catch fish on almost every cast. With the right permits, you can drive your truck right on the beach after you let your tire pressure down to 20 PSI's. The only thing I missed about that part of the world is sitting on the beach watching to ocean and waiting for a big red drum to take my bait. Good luck out there. You will not enjoy your first commute when they get a half inch of snow but they will close your office more than likely. They cannot drive in the snow. The panic when they even predict snow is entertaining. The stores look like the end of the world is coming when they think they are going to get snow. They buy all the TP, bread, water and milk like they will never see the stuff again.
  9. I keep saying I am going to give those things a try one year. How deep do you guys fish for them at this time of year on Yellow Lake?
  10. The largest fish all came on a leech on a bare hook behind an egg sinker with a two foot leader. Most of the rest of the fish came on a jig with half a crawler. I got fish from 10 feet out to 25 feet. If I got in less than 15 feet I had to fight off the big bluegills. I got more nice bluegills this weekend than I usually get in a year. Hard to really say a pattern but if I got one walleye I really worked an area for a long time. Wish my mother-in-law was not such a pain. I would head up again this weekend!
  11. Funny. Saturday and Monday were two of the best days of walleye fishing I have ever had out there. I got mostly keeper sized walleyes all weekend with very few under 15". On Saturday, my largest was 24". I mostly let any of the larger ones go but the mother-in-law wanted a lot of fish for a fish fry on Saturday. On Monday I got a 26" walleye that I did let go. Sunday was a bit tough since the wind was blowing a little harder but I still got a few keepers. Big Mike's has some larger leeches on Sunday.
  12. mpester

    Keeping Outdoor Cats

    Your outdoor cats are going to target whatever they feel like killing that day or night. Birds, toads, snakes, ect. The chance they are going to target just mice or just voles is slim to none. They are going to kill plenty of song birds and stuff you and I like having around. You asked for an opinion about outdoor cats and it sure seems most people do not like the idea.
  13. mpester

    Keeping Outdoor Cats

    Unless you figure out some way to keep those things ONLY in your yard, do not do it. I keep my dog out of my neighbor’s yard all the time. I do not let my dog do his business in my neighbor’s yard. I do not let my dog stalk the bird feeder in the neighbor’s yard. I really hate seeing the neighbor’s cats in my yard. If I get lucky and catch them in the live trap, I return them once or twice but the next time, I call animal control. I have been known to return some cat droppings to one ladies driveway after a beer or two. I have seen that one doing his business in my flower bed more than a few times. He is on strike two with the live trap.
  14. What kind of dog? If it was a chocolate lab, I am really afraid it may have been the guy I know a little from dog training. Was it an off white or light tan Lund that almost hit you? If it was, I wonder if this guy does it on purpose. Maybe he hates people fishing his spots. Wish my in-laws had a place on Yellow rather than Clam. I do not even put my boat in Clam now since the fishing has gone so far down hill - unless you like catching carp - which I do once in a while.
  15. Did you hear me scream at the jerk that almost ran me over at about 9 - 10 AM on Sunday? I had to fire up the motor at the last second and gun it in reverse to keep him from hitting me. I had the anchor down and was able to move far enough for him to miss me by at least six feet - maybe ten. All he said as he went by was "sorry". I could see his face from several hundred yards away so I assume he could see me and was just not paying attention - maybe texting. I got the anchor stuck under something so I was not able to follow him to see why he almost hit me. I was sitting four or five hundred yards out in the middle of the lake on the end of one of the points all by myself. He was in a light colored off white or tan Lund coming from the south shore and heading towards Yellow Lake Lodge. I did not see his boat at the dock when I left. But I sure would like to have a few words with him. He looked a lot like a guy I train dogs with and he owns my dogs half-brother. Sure hope it was not him. The fishing was good on Friday and Sunday for numbers but I only found one keeper walleye for my six year old on Friday. He got some keeper perch as well. Very nice weekend for fishing but I will never forget the guy who tried to run me over. It was very close.