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  1. Little update. Sealed and curing. I'll be flocking them in a couple months after I get done remodeling the kitchen..
  2. Now that Ive got a rough pattern figured I might make 2 resters to stand next to the bull stand on a rathouse.
  3. My First foamers I bought 50 years ago and one of my swans I'm working on.. Long path ....
  4. Its all I hunt over now... Ill be selling a few soon just to fund the eyes and paint on the next 8dz I'm adding... Basically been doing the same in teaching and helping anyone whos willing to give it a whirl.." Pay it forwards how My crew rolls.. 20161209_202245_3765708594816.mp4
  5. Its all I use in the field..20dz Honks in real geese pro2s with flocked heads.. Now Ive added my own double flocked silos. The first bunch didn't get eyes or bill detail. Got in a hurry to test them out.. So I get the honks with 3dz snows and specks along with this fall 10 dz ducks with blinds all out of the back of 1 truck..
  6. I use pvc board any place I can instead of wood. With its various densities it goes from floating to sinking like lead,.gotta research before ya pic for a keel or a post..
  7. Been a while, Working on a lot of things.. Heres a few of the recent.. I'm building a swan spread now along with Full Body Swans..Ill post up some pics of the great white birds as I go..
  8. This is whats under the flock.. All the decoys are connected to the blind and are interchangeable in position...
  9. This is my Pintail with the blind and the resting ringer spread on it... Ill be adding more pics later..
  10. Hope'n to do so this weekend with the new aquavac mag ringers... Made them for rice and reed hunting on low boats.. Post sumtin soon...
  11. Working on a few new things. Don't see a seminar happening but a hunt this fall is a possibility...
  12. Just a couple of in use photos. The spread was a culmination of mine and 2 interns who are progressing along nicely. The Buffies are Dave and this is only his 2nd year carving.. Pats been at it about the same amount of time... With MANY Birds getting to meet the Mighty Mini Lab....
  13. Muthagoose

    Burlapping Decoys...

    Next time on the areas where chunks are missing try glue in a little foam and hit with a rasp.. just a suggestion////
  14. Muthagoose

    WPA's closed?

    Thats what Im thinking...
  15. http://www.startribune.com/sports/blogs/226053411.html Well well well.. This is interesting...