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  1. Finished the Timber Parrots. Ill go over TV behead lines in a day or so to sharpen contrast and add a few splits.. I have 16 full bods to finish and have poured 30 or so new heads. Got plans for the next run..
  2. Trying new paint techniques on my new hens. Laying in the base colors on feather groups. The primaries are gonna get redone..
  3. Mottled beanbags and Bull Ringdings.. Was at the shop at 3:45 this morning.. Needed to get the last couple beanbags colored so I can start on the woodros next week.. Looking forward to a lowboat morning with these guys..
  4. Roughed in 2of the 3 blackies. Ill get the rollover to this level on monday.. Tuesday the heads will take shape..
  5. Started roughing in the hens.. Still working on colors and schedule/steps.. Lot of clean up to do. Ill shadow the feather groups when I do the heads.. About a hour+ into each
  6. Put in a couple hours today and finished the drake Greenbeans and ringers. Next is the Black ducks hen mallards, and hybrid spoontail hen.. Then onto hen ringers and 23 Woodducks.. A labor of love
  7. A few pics from this run of 70 Im finishing.. Noticed 307273 views to this post.. Way cool..
  8. Going on 15 years of making foamers and making less and less each run which is why Im playing with the beasts.. Getting a few flocked early mornings before work and after..Got about 70 to do Got a couple spots I hit up here shot a few pure blackies but around the area mixes are pretty common.. Ringers are fun time I pretty much hunt off the dock unless one of the guys has a hot pond.. Once migration gets rolling then its Honk n Beans for me..
  9. Finally got the new ones ready for flocking Gonna work on the mallard beast a bit this week bills, tips, tails eyesets..Using a 1 1/4" spade bit to set the eyes in em..
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