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  1. Started roughing in the hens.. Still working on colors and schedule/steps.. Lot of clean up to do. Ill shadow the feather groups when I do the heads.. About a hour+ into each
  2. Put in a couple hours today and finished the drake Greenbeans and ringers. Next is the Black ducks hen mallards, and hybrid spoontail hen.. Then onto hen ringers and 23 Woodducks.. A labor of love
  3. A few pics from this run of 70 Im finishing.. Noticed 307273 views to this post.. Way cool..
  4. Going on 15 years of making foamers and making less and less each run which is why Im playing with the beasts.. Getting a few flocked early mornings before work and after..Got about 70 to do Got a couple spots I hit up here shot a few pure blackies but around the area mixes are pretty common.. Ringers are fun time I pretty much hunt off the dock unless one of the guys has a hot pond.. Once migration gets rolling then its Honk n Beans for me..
  5. Finally got the new ones ready for flocking Gonna work on the mallard beast a bit this week bills, tips, tails eyesets..Using a 1 1/4" spade bit to set the eyes in em..
  6. Thats the thing decoys are like calls,guns and Its all about what you like. They ALL work.. Its ALL GOOD... The guys that post negative [PoorWordUsage] likethis is the only one to use and nothings better are either some prostaff or someone validating what the bought. Its GOOD to be proud of what you own,made or do... This is what Im doing today.. This is about a hour+ scrapped.. Not happy with the eye set so I cut them off and will try again.. Double flocking on my birds requires a outset set eye so the eyering stands out need to use a smaller lower profile glass.. Tough to do with shaky hands and 15year old red apoxie sculpt.. Even more funs putting pinpoint pupils on the smaller glass....
  7. Not bad. Ive done cork but got away from it.. Turning a few of these into blackies soon. Couldnt hepmysef turning a pintail into a hybrid shoveler.. Adding near 70 mallards, blackies,ringers and woodies to my spread this run..
  8. Been upgrading my painting techniques on flocking aswell. Also working on Mallard beasts to go with the giant divers..
  9. Wellits been like forever since I added. Lets see whos still around. Thinking Ill start posting up again and see whos around. Heres my new BEAST divers..
  10. Well its been like forever since I added. Lets see whos still around. Thinking Ill start posting up again and see whos around. Heres my new BEAST divers..
  11. Little update. Sealed and curing. I'll be flocking them in a couple months after I get done remodeling the kitchen..
  12. Now that Ive got a rough pattern figured I might make 2 resters to stand next to the bull stand on a rathouse.
  13. My First foamers I bought 50 years ago and one of my swans I'm working on.. Long path ....
  14. Its all I hunt over now... Ill be selling a few soon just to fund the eyes and paint on the next 8dz I'm adding... Basically been doing the same in teaching and helping anyone whos willing to give it a whirl.." Pay it forwards how My crew rolls.. 20161209_202245_3765708594816.mp4
  15. Its all I use in the field..20dz Honks in real geese pro2s with flocked heads.. Now Ive added my own double flocked silos. The first bunch didn't get eyes or bill detail. Got in a hurry to test them out.. So I get the honks with 3dz snows and specks along with this fall 10 dz ducks with blinds all out of the back of 1 truck..
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