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  1. PeteA34

    Prior Lake Thursday night tourney??

    I heard a rumor that the 5p-9p Thurday night tourneys that go out of Captain Jacks are starting 6/11. I fished these last year, but cannot find any info. Is this true? any help would be appreciated. pete
  2. PeteA34

    Prior Lake Thursday night Tourney's

    Last year I started fishing the Thursday night tourneys out of Jacks on Prior Lake, but this year I cannot seem to find any info out on these tourneys. My link to extreambass.com is not working. Is the site down? Does anyone have any info on these tourneys? thanks Pete
  3. PeteA34


    I think they are on every lake now....Waconia is loaded with them. If they can do what they think they did to Leech Lake, then these smaller lakes don't have a chance! I bet there is a thousand of them on Coney Island on lake Waconia.
  4. PeteA34

    what happened to Leech Lake

    I have been going to Leech Lake for about 10 years and the last 3 or 4 have been terrible. Its not like I spend a few hours on the lake either, I have been there dawn till dusk for 4-5 days at a time. It seems like a couple of walleyes is all I can catch at a time. I have tried everything. I go at night trolling, day jigging, lindy rigs, etc....nothing works well. Is the population that down. I have heard of netting it out, to Cormorans....any ideas?