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  1. if you are going to spend the money you should look at Minnesota Trapline products these guys make some nice traps www.minntrapprod.com
  2. BBQ sauce and a crock pot. slow cook until it falls off the bone. mmmmmmmm i also do the same with squirels
  3. i have been hunting yotes for about 3 weeks and had some success i have got 5 yotes and 1 really dumb fox that just would'nt stand up and took him at 30 yds, and i also shot a badger that crossed my path. MAN I LOVE MY FOXPRO!!!
  4. I like to butterly the breasts and put some lemon pepper in them and rap with bacon and cook them on the grill
  5. i was wondering if there was a schedule for gunshows happening in mn and the dakotas. i like to go to shows but i dont always know when they are. any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  6. Redhead76

    New ATV

    i was planning on buying a 05 or 06 rincon soon and i was wondering if i should get one with automatic or ES. any input would be appreciated
  7. i am looking for a good easy bullhead recipe. I have never tried it before so the easier the better. Thanks
  8. I just got a scope for my 22 and was wondering what would ba a good distance to sight it in at. all i use it for is squirrel & coon hunting and maybe the occasional sparrow. -Thanks-
  9. Post your e-mail and i can send pics of what i buuilt for a blind on my boat.
  10. I was in watertown SD all weekend and there are hundreds of canadians but no snows. I also came through madison and didnt see or hear of any in that area.
  11. -Crappiechaser- All you have to do is stick it throught the top of the back so that it hangs horizontally. Make shure that you don't stick it through the back bone. I also have my own queston. I was out to day and had a northern come in and then back out not giving me a shot. I had both a chub and a decoy down. It came in towards the chub and then backed off. I was wondering what to do to keep the fish coming.
  12. I have a 9 month old black lab, and she chews up everything she can get. I know that dogs go through the fase. But i was sondering if there was anything i can do to make her stop faster. Also, she likes to bite. I have tride a few things, and she stops for a little while and then starts doing it again. Any advice would be appreciated. ............................................................ Redhead76
  13. considering the fact that the 223 is 11.99 for 50 or 60 and the other popular calibers usually come in 20 rounds
  14. some thing new i tried this year was to breast them from the bone. Butterfly it like u would a pork chop. then put it in a bowl and marinade them in italian dressing for about 2-3 hours. take and cut up 1 mushroom for every breast. chop up some onion. add about 3 small slices of green peper. and you can also add a verry little amount of fresh garlic. take and stuff the breast as much as possible and close with toothpicks. individually wrap the breasts with a layer of tin foil (toss in the extra stuffings) grill on low for about 20 minutes and flip every 4 minutes. i cooked mine on the top rack of the grill. they are mmmmm mmmm good enjoy
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