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  1. Crickschop04

    South Shore Advice

    Myself and a buddy are going to do an ice fishing trip to the South shore of Lake Superior this March, and we are looking for some advice on species, gear, etc... The plan is to get a sleeper on Chequamegon bay to fish out of at night, and sleeping of course. But we are planning on doing day trips to hopefully catch a few lakers. Anybody who has done this or who fishes that area? Thanks!
  2. Crickschop04


    I know some of you treat your stones to bring out colors etc... Would this rock benefit from some TLC?
  3. Crickschop04


    was found in a SEMN field...
  4. I was sitting at my in-laws and saw this rock lying there and thought it may be an agate. Father in-law said he saw it in the rock pile and thought it looked neat. Can anyone ID this as an agate or any other type of rock?
  5. I need to replace the floor in my 1989 Alumacraft Dominator, and I see that I need to remove some spray foam on the rear starboard. I was thinking that as long as I needed to remove that foam, I may as well install a baitwell too. Is it safe/legal to remove that foam and not replace all of it? I'd still spray foam around the new baitwell. Thoughts? Concerns?
  6. Crickschop04

    Rough Running Etec

    I've got a 2004 40hp Etec that has occasionally been running rough, and the last time out it seemed to be running worse than ever. I'm guessing that it has ~30 hours on it, and it had its three year service last summer. I've maybe put five hours on it since. Ran it once in freezing temps last Nov. other than that, its only been run in ideal conditions. It feels/sounds like it is occasionally missing (slight jerk every 2sec or so), and seems to have too much exhaust/steam coming out the back. I haven't had any lights come on yet so I'm hoping that it isn't anything too major. There is a few things that I suspect it could be: It doesn't seem like the water pump is going at full speed, when I run it wide open there is a steady stream, but it doesn't SHOOT out like I suspect it should be. The other thing, is that when I was running it in the driveway with the hose hooked up to the port it seemed to be running smoothly, but when I took the cover off, I noticed that there was water spraying inside (don't know if that is normal or not, first time I've ran it with the cover off.) Lastly, when I had the cover off I noticed that the socket that goes over the top spark plug had a dark ring around it (almost like it was getting charred), but the plug was clean. Any help or suggestions anyone may have would be great!
  7. Crickschop04

    Kawishiwi Lodge and Lake One

    We were up there three years ago now, and did well by the falls on Lake two. We paddled all the way into Insula, to get away from people, and rewarded with some pretty solid walleye, and smallmouth action.
  8. Crickschop04

    Evinrude e-tec 40hp

    Found a video on another site, and it is the bottom hole. Thanks for the help!
  9. Crickschop04

    Evinrude e-tec 40hp

    I have recently bought a 2004 Evinrude etec 40hp, and I have a couple of questions. 1.) Which of the two holes on the back is the pee hole? It appears like the the bottom one serves double duty as pee hole and flush port? 2.) If the flush port and pee hole are the same hole, is there a way to check if the impeller is working w/o actually putting it in the water?
  10. I'd like to plan an ice fishing trip to lake Michgan this winter for trout, and was wondering when the best time to plan a trip would be. Any help would be great!
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    I believe when I had it, they called it burnt sugar whiskey.
  12. Thanks Dtro, I think I'm gonna hold out for something a little bigger.