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  1. LakeTahoe

    Strikemaster Strike-Lite 2

    Yes, I ALWAYS lay it down the right way. (Red sticker up).
  2. LakeTahoe

    Strikemaster Strike-Lite 2

    I've had this auger for a couple years now, and it's ran great… It seems however that it leaks oil or something (not a ton, but enough to be noticeable), every time I run it… I can't tell where it's coming from. I always check the oil level because of this, and the level seems to stay the same? I'm baffled. It's just seems to appear out of nowhere. Am I seeing some oil gas mixture coming out? I do know it's not from the exhaust. It doesn't seem to hinder performance.
  3. LakeTahoe

    Lowrance depth issue

    i would bet money, the only fix is buying a new transducer. Those problems sound exactly like a bad transducer. Classic older lowrance issue.
  4. I have a buddy over in Iraq right now, who asked me to get his sled out of storage and get it all fired up and ready for him to ride when he gets late January. So I picked it up today and it doesn't start. It seems to fire right up if I pour a tiny bit of gas right into the spark plug holes (and then put the plugs back in, obviously) but then it just dies down after 2 seconds. To me it seems that it's not getting any fuel? it's been sitting for 2 winters, I think, so maybe that's partly to blame. But I pulled and pulled, choke, no choke, throttle down etc, and it just won't fire on it's own... anybody have a clue? I might just have to bring it in somewhere. I think it's a '98 Arctic Cat 500cc. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts.
  5. LakeTahoe


    Okay, I am sick of my helmet fogging up... what's the best style helmet out there... would and open face with goggles be better than my closed face, and still stay warm? Any thoughts/advice would be great. LT
  6. LakeTahoe

    Pro-Fuel Reserve on Lund

    Thanks for the responses.... makes perfect sense now!
  7. LakeTahoe

    Pro-Fuel Reserve on Lund

    I've had a Lund Pro-V for a couple of years now, but never relly bothered to figure out how the "pro-fuel reserve" works... Like how do I fill it up, or when can I use it? when to flip the "switch"... Was about 10 miles away from the landing the other day, and didn't have much gas left (made it back anyway), but got me thinking about the reserve... what's the deal? can anyone explain it? Thanks!
  8. LakeTahoe

    Lets talk about the bait fish.

    I can definitely attest to MANY cisco (tullibee) in Gull... almost every winter, while walleye fishing they'll come screaming in half way from the bottom, right above the walleyes. Raise your bait and WHAM! There are some big ones too! Fun fight! Every once in awhile we'll catch one in the fall... when water temps are in the mid-40's. The last two years we've caught quite a few. Last January (around new years) we caught 2 walleye, then all the sudden the tullibee came in and within a matter of minutes we caught about a dozen (tullibee). They we're all 13-20 inches (seriously). If I had a smoker I would have kept a couple, but I don't
  9. LakeTahoe

    Selling boat outright or trading in?

    I would say sell it... I sold my 14ft lund in a week on hsolist when I upgraded boats... In fact I sold my dads boat in the same period... now is the time Good Luck
  10. LakeTahoe

    99 Polaris XC 500 clutch problem???

    Isn't a clutch, clutched? No, seriously, not sure what you mean by that? I am the second owner, bought it with 400 miles, now has 1100 miles. Only reason I bring it up is because, like I said, my brother's 600 is smoooooth off the line. Do you know if there is an adjustment that can make it smoother? Maybe I actually don't have a problem? Anyone else have thoughts?
  11. Wonder if I have a problem with the clutch or not. When I engage the throttle (revving the engine up) the sled doesn't just gradually move forward... it sort of "kicks in" (jumps, if you will) at 3500 to 4000 rpms. I don't think this is normal... my brothers XC 600 doesn't do this... Is there a tension adjustment for the belt or something? ANY help/advice would be much appreciated!
  12. LakeTahoe

    Are hot spots a tradeable commodity?

    Big water or small, I wouldn't tell a soul. I learned that the hard way. I told a friend a killer spot for monster perch, 12-13 in... I had never seen anyone fish this spot as long as I could remember, after I told the spot, he went out, got his limit in an hour - then he told a friend... NOW two years in a row there are trucks and people there that I've never seen before... and it's a HUGE lake (only a few lakes this big). Coincidence? I think not. I'll never say a word again.
  13. LakeTahoe

    rack for auger on snowmobile

    I have a good one for the rear of the sled... I'll post after I take some pix
  14. LakeTahoe

    Trailer Vibration?

    Thanks for all the thoughts/ideas... If it stays that way after a couple of trips, I probably get it looked at. Thanks
  15. LakeTahoe

    Trailer Vibration?

    Okay, not sure what forum to post this in, but I'll start here. I hooked my snowmobile trailer up for the first time after pulling it out of storage and when pulling it down the road I get get this weird vibration once I hit 35-50 MPH (like a pulsing vibration)... I thought it might be my truck at first, so I unhooked it and drove around, and the truck is perfect (Chev. Tahoe)... so i hook the trailer back up and it does the vibration thing again. I drove 90 miles, but if I go over like 65MPH it doesn't really do it (it's really subtle). The wheel bearings weren't hot either. About the trailer: it's a triton aluminum tilt bed... when I look in the side mirrors of the truck and look at the trailer I see NO vibration while driving, but still feel it. Any one experience this before or have any ideas? I just lubed up the wheel bearings, but haven't try it since doing that yet.