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  1. War Eagle, baby!!! I knew MSU would come through. Goes to show you what happens when you finally plan a good team. This was OSU's first real test and they laid an egg. Don't know if Auburn will win the NC but I will be cheering like heck for my Auburn Tigers. It might be a race to 70 pts or whoever gets the ball last. WAR EAGLE, BABY!!!
  2. War dam Eagle!!!! Probably the best game ever (I might be biased though). Brings back fond memories of my grad school days on the Plains. Too bad Michigan didn't make the 2-pt conversion. Unfortunately, the SEC BCS run might be over. I will be puling for Auburn, MSU, and Duke next week. War Eagle, Baby!!!!!
  3. Go_twins, Yes, I will be attending. It should be a good meeting and a great place to network for potential work as well as for meeting profs for graduate school. I know there are a few more that are members here that will also be attending. Shoot me a PM and I will try and answer your questions. I will be out in the field the next couple of weeks so it might take me a little time to get back to you. War Eagle!!!
  4. wareagle

    size/age of Crappie??

    Here is a list of the averages that we use at the Montrose Area Office. This is all lake classes combined. There are likely lake class effects as well as possible latitudal effects, but this will give you an idea. I'm working on updating this information, but it is a S-L-O-W process Age - TL(in) 1 - 2.4" 2 - 4.8" 3 - 6.8" 4 - 8.3" 5 - 9.5" 6 - 10.5" 7 - 11.6" 8 - 12.3" 9 - 12.8" Remember there are fast and slow growing populations out there, but this will give you an idea. War Eagle!!!
  5. wareagle

    Turn in poachers (TIP)

    Min Dak, Thanks for posting that information. I was about to post that information as well. I've had numerous people complain to me about the TIPS program during our lake surveys. Of course, after they quit venting and I tell them that TIPS is a is not run by the DNR they go "Oh, I didn't know that". I know that Nater mentioned that a CO said you could even call 911. I would discourage people from calling 911 to report a fish or wildlife violation since that system is ment for emergencies only and most fish and wildllife violations are not emergencies. Check out the link with the CO numbers and print out a copy and keep it in your boat or tackle box and call the CO directly. Just remember to take down as much information as possible such as: where the violation is occurring, physical description of the violator, vehicle make, color, and license #, boat, 4-wheeler or snowmobile registration #, description of violation. The more information the better. War Eagle!!!
  6. wareagle

    ID these minnows

    fishingfrenzy, The top group are horneyhead chubs (red spot behind eye), with two of them possibly being a creek chub. The second group appear to be one spottail shiner (#2), four young common shiners (#'s 1,3,5,6) and possibly a young creek chub (#4). The last picture has a mixture of all of the above as well as a couple of young white sucker and a Johnny darter (lower right just to the right of the clump of rocks). Hope this helps, War Eagle!!!
  7. wareagle

    Lowrance h20c issue

    Well, I thought Lowrance had fixed the problem of losing and not regaining position, but while on Mille Lacs Saturday, my H2O started losing position again even with the WAAS off. I was never able to lock a position the rest of the day even with picking up seven satellites. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy, so I returned the unit to Cabela's and asked if they have had many problems with this unit losing position and never regaining a lock and they said that there must have been a bad batch of the H2O's because for about 2-3 weeks they received numerous returns with the same problem. Anyway, I took a chance and replaced it with another one. I know of a half a dozen guys that have them and have had no trouble with them. Hopefully, this one will perform better. War Eagle!!!
  8. wareagle

    Lowrance h20c issue

    Blaze, I got mine back about 3 weeks ago and it works like a champ. They didn't say what they did on the invoice, but it worked well on Minnetonka as well as a couple of test runs from Ramsey to the office in Montrose. I do know that the WAAS navigation was clicked off, but I had clicked that off when I started having the problems. You may want to go to the Lowrance HSOforum and follow the instructions for either a soft or hard reboot or call Lowrance and have them walk you through it. I'm guessing that your unit is not under warranty anymore. Iceman16, I had the same trouble on LOTW and found that if you are zoomed in to far the chip can't load the data fast enough. I had to zoom out to 0.2 miles before it would keep up at 30 MPH. War Eagle!!!
  9. wareagle

    Lowrance h20c issue

    Hey Ducker, Glad to hear that your problem is solved. I had the same issue, except my unit would run for 5 - 10 minutes and then lose position and never lock in again even after I turned the WAAS off. It would show that it was reading 5-7 satellites, but no position. I called Lowrance and they had me do a soft restart but it still would not lock on my position. I ended up having to send it in. Hopfully, the problem will get fixed. Thank god it is still under warranty. War Eagle!!!
  10. wareagle

    Your favorite fish to target poll.

    1. sturgeon 2. muskie 3. LMB/SMB 4. walleye 5. panfish
  11. wareagle

    muskie lakes

    Mooneyes, Check out the following HSOforum for the muskie long range plan. Maps of muskie managed lakes can be found on pages 8-10. http://files.dnr.state.mn.us/fisheries/muskie_pike/muskiepike_2020.pdf Hope this helps. War Eagle!!!
  12. I'm in the process of looking for a different sled. I'm looking at a 2-up sled so my wife and I can do some trail riding as well as use it for pulling my fish house around. Does anyone here have this sled. If so, what are your thoughts on it. I'm also open to other brands as as well. What do you think is a good 2-up sled. I'm looking to stay below $4000. Thanks for any advice. War Eagle!!!
  13. wareagle

    Would you keep a 52-inch muskie?

    I can email it to you if you post your email. Otherwise, I also found it on the KQRS HSOforum. Of all places.
  14. wareagle

    Would you keep a 52-inch muskie?

    MuskyBrian - I agree rules are rules and that ignorance is no excuse, but I understand why the CO gave him a warning. I'm sure if this happened at this time next year the guy would be getting a nice fat ticket. WAR EAGLE!!!
  15. wareagle

    Would you keep a 52-inch muskie?

    Fish Monger - Because of what you stated, I'm guessing that is why the CO gave him the warning instead of the fine, but it would be unprecedented for the CO to let him keep the fish. I'm guessing for legal reasons. Unfortunately, I don't make the rule changes, but if I did I might have made them effective starting May 10, 2008 (new fishing season) maybe that would have been less confusing. I do think that we (DNR) publicized the rule change pretty well though. They were in the Star Trib, Pioneer Press and Outdoor News as well as other small town papers. They were also posted on the DNR HSOforum and I believe this site even had a thread on the issue as well. WAR EAGLE!!!