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  1. T-water


    I think you're probably right Rebel. Pain in the arse!
  2. T-water


    I'm not up for the process it would involve, especially because i was planning on selling the boat this spring. Probably just put it on Clist with the appropriate discussion of the transom issues. A repair shop I talked to said repair would be around $2000, which is definitely more than the boat is worth. Now i need to figure out if I should sell it as a package or separate the boat and motor. Thanks for the feedback any other ideas are welcome. By the way the repair shop guy said to assess the problem I should tilt the motor up about 1/3 of the way and then try to lift it. If the transom doesn't stay solid there's a problem. Still haven't made it out to the garage but I'm assuming this will clarify the issue.
  3. T-water


    Thanks for the replies. The cracks are both fairly close to where the motor is mounted. Assuming the wood has gone bad (I'll test it tonight) what would be the repair process and would it be worth it for an older boat?
  4. T-water


    Hey there everybody. I have a 1987 Lund 16ft with a Honda 30 hp 4 stroke. When I bought the boat 15 years ago it had an old crack on the transom trim. I watched it closely for years and it hasn't changed. Tonight I noticed a small crack on the other side of where the motor is mounted. I assume this isn't good. How bad is it? Any thoughts about some remedies? BTW The boat is supposed to be able to handle a 40 hp motor...in 1987.
  5. T-water


    So I'm wondering if anybody else has tried this. I've had about ten leeches in my fridge for almost two months without changing the water (forgot they were there). I think what saved the leeches was that my daughter put a bunch of lake sand in the container the last time we were fishing. I'm wondering if the sand didn't help filter the water a bit??? Anybody else do this?
  6. T-water

    add seat or no?

    The only downside is that it will be stationary (most likely) I have a stationary seat at that spot in my boat the previous owner mounted it at an angle so that my arm is not straining.
  7. T-water

    minn kota power drive

    I was getting ready for my new-used 55 power drives maiden voyage, I mounted it earlier this week. Tonight I noticed it was not steering after lots of fussing I cleaned the connectors (the plug that comes out of the base and plgs into the battery cable) that fixed it! Then I thought i should give a quick scrub to the same connectors, I saw a small spark and now the motor steers but the prop does not turn.... What did I do? Is there a fuse that I popped? Any help is greatly appreciated. Luckily I was able to put on my previous motor and hopefully can salvage tomorrows outing.
  8. T-water

    BWCA mining?

    Is there a group that is opposing this...coordinating efforts?
  9. T-water

    boat jack wheel

    Thanks Folks I'll try lowering it down. It's a real drag because I have slight incline to get into the garage. Not fun at the end of the day.
  10. T-water

    boat jack wheel

    I am having major trouble with my boat jack! The wheel will not turn as I am pushing it, at times I end up just dragging it sideways. Not sure what the issue is it's brand new and isn't undersized. I've ended up just hitting the wheel with a rubber mallet to try to straighten it. Any ideas?
  11. T-water

    help battery acid

    Exactly my question Tom! I was considering just throwing the soil under the lilacs, they could survive nuclear war, and there is no foot (barefoot) traffic there.
  12. T-water

    help battery acid

    Thanks guys, any thoughts on how to determine the area i need to clean out? I was thinking of waiting a few more days to see how much grass has died.
  13. T-water

    help battery acid

    I tipped a my trolling battery onto the sidewalk, the water drained into the yard along with some battery acid. Wasn't sure what to do so i diluted it with the garden hose for about 10 min. Have about 2 square feet of grass turning brown, I put baking soda on the sidewalk to neutralize the acid there...other ideas for saving the grass?
  14. T-water

    The Office

    Dude- I want to play but I fear that I would think about it way too much! Nice idea...I think Angela is a perch..okay I'm stopping now. Brad