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  1. DCON: By "small" do you mean the bucket diameter in your hole, or the length ? Some guys will cut another bucket in half and insert it inside the other for more adjustable length. If its the diameter of the bucket not being air tight, get some window weather stripping with the adhesive backing and wrap around the bucket so when it drops into the hole it seals the diameter.. I drill my holes, push my buckets hard into the slush that surrounds the hole, and use a "slush Inhaler" to quick pull the ice/slush out of the hole !!
  2. Jim: Go to any auto store or truck stop and get actual amber or red markers.You can choose from lighted or self reflecting, flat or raised, screw on or adhesive mount. Mount them as if it were a trailer with four or five on front and rear, and side corner marks. Mine has a group of (3)towards roof top spaced in the middle with one each in the corner. They are 4" flat type/amber self adhesive and clear silicone sealed. The side corners have one each red one at the top side. Mine lights up very nice when hit by any light !! My Dad has a friend who sprayed the back of his "mini-blinds" in all his windows with some reflective paint used by surveyers or something. Thing lights up like a pumpkin I tell ya.. lol
  3. Thanks for all the info and suggestions..I'm looking over all of them and going to look at a couple in the next few days!! Open water in south metro and further south so even the "portable" option will not get me on ice without traveling north!! It's looking more like I'll be planning a few more Red Lake area runs than normal as soon as "permanent house ice" developes...
  4. Fishing Guy: I cant imagine the baterry plan being anything but a hassle. There all several types of 12V fans you can use from chrome truck type, to square frame plastic, or actual radiator fans. Not knowing your floor plan I'd run a hot line to a 12V plug or direct to the location you want a fan. There are always methods to figure out how to seclude the line out of sight, ie (under carpet, floor trim,ceiling trim, corner trim, behind paneling,conduit & clamps)
  5. Hanson: There is always something that seems to screw up the plan. Last year I was "minutes" away from buying a four wheeler to get on the ice, the next day people were driving out. lol I only fish in a permanent so my two months are critical and the weather and other issues can really make it trying at times. What to do, or to do nothing as they say !! This "portable" idea and walking every where is about my only option to assure I get some ice time. Or pulling mine up north a few times more but that grabs the back pocket also... What to do, or to do nothing as they say
  6. I appreciate the replies here guys!! The flip over style looks like the ticket for me. I was not aware of all the things involved with a portable with seats, sleds, covers, hyfax etc. Wasn't real in tune with the price of these things either. Had a $1,000 budget for this years goodies and I've dumped over $700 of it in rods & reels so I'm not looking good here. Maybe "used" might be a option.. I need some Tylenol to deal with this and the weather !!
  7. Mike: The only solution I've ever found to that situation is getting the air movement. Fans and or blowers to heat and direct the air from high to low... plus it helps the "moisture" related issues as well with ventless heating. We have a 12V car fan (radiator) in our spotter shack. Its a single head fan mounted inside the cuboard door above the heater...Has a outside switch on the counter we use to start it and works great. Its on a "hindged" door so it directional as well and slightly angles towards the floor (lol) and we can move the air where ever needed.
  8. The weather situation has me looking in to a back up plan of getting a "portable" so I can Ice Fish. Being in the southern half of the state its my feeling there will be no Driving on lakes with hard shells and full size trucks until at least the second week of January !! And thats a stretch in itself maybe if we dont go "Frozen Tundra" here without snow in a real hurry!! I need something fast & easy and real economical to fish two people. Must fit in to the the back of a SUV (Tahoe) and be something I can pull easily by hand. I'm not versed on "portables" in any fashon so any recommendations of style, make and $$$$ would be greatly appreciated. Budget is rather limited as this is just a quick fix till good ice and to use all the new equipment I've purchased for this year which I refuse to let sit waiting on good ice for the permanent to go out !!
  9. I think Grand Dads thoughts are in the general area. Myself I would consider "keeping" if the $1,000 I get isn't a issue. You certainly can't replace it for that amount Master of Fishes. I'd much rather have a smaller second house thats wheeled than think the $1,000 was going to do me any good towards another.. But hey, thats just one dumb mans opinion.. lol
  10. I'll second that backlash, They build some pretty incredible custom houses for people from simple to super elite.. My old man has a 2003 show house from them... I might just have to talk to Waldoch to get a look at the show model they had there seeing I couldn't make it there !!
  11. The old man said he got his with the house but it listed for $140 installed on his paperwork. His is a Wineguard (roadstar 2000) model and they can be had from $115 - $150.. shop around
  12. Is there a web address a guy could see this house at ? Cant make it to the show.. I've seen some pretty extravagant houses from a certain maker in the Anoka/Ramsey area but nothing from Waldoch !!
  13. My dad has a Wineguard also and it works nice. Disc type antenna that sits on a tripod. I think its like a Roadstar model or something. Has a 12v amp to it also right on the cable box/outlet that runs to the TV.
  14. Being in the southern half here that 4 - 8" in two days is not a fair shake for us down here.. lol The combo house of early ice and permanent is sweet. My Dads was $1,200 and has a hitch arm on it as well for pulling and the inside is custom just like a nice permanent. Just small one man set up though as explained 4 x 6 but its entirely aluminum. Has a Rv door with window, and a side window as well with two catch/cover holes & small vented heater, and two 12V Rv lites. The half benches turn into a nice little bed. Runners are like 4" so up to like 6" of snow you literally can pull this thing by hand without any effort. On Ice I get behind it and give it a push and she travels about 30 yards before it needs another..lol
  15. I use them all the time and cannot say I've experienced anything negative about them.. Well, the price seems a little out of line.. just picked up (5) of the smaller ones and paid $1.29 each. Considering its only foam and plastic that you modify or cut to size. My vent for the day !!
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