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  1. 501A .Going earlier than my normal B season this year.
  2. Always fun and another thanks to Borch. Everyone enjoy your summer.....
  3. Got out to my blind at 5:30 am and got ready ( always set up and leave everything in the blind the day before) and did a soft yelp. Could hear a gobble pretty far away . He would gobble every 2 minutes or so and I would call back. This went on for about 1/2 hour. Then nothing for about 10 minutes. I was leaning forward to call out the window and then I saw 2 hens out in the field so I hesitated and then I heard the loudest commotion right behind me. It was a gobble but also the wind noise he made when he went into full strut and thrashing his wings on the ground I believe. I've never heard that type of noise before. Then he was out front and my hunt was over. Wondering if anyone has heard what I'm trying to describe? GOOD LUCK TO ALL. DrJ
  4. Got my bird right away at 6:15 Wednesday morning. Will post detail's later.
  5. Good luck with your Dad this year. As I recall you put him on one last year. Always fun to take a newbie out. Good luck there too.
  6. I'm hunting 2nd season down by Freeburg Mn. Hoping to do a better job this year since I blew 2 opportunities last year. I'm fine with any name. Good Luck DrJ ( great to be retired now)
  7. I'm having trouble too. Wants me to sign up again and can't find the list of people signed up...
  8. DrJ

    Team 2

    Hey Cheetah I decided to head down to my spot and hunt next Wed,Thur and Fri am. Hoping they're still active and I can put one down for the team. Anyone hear from Thunderbucket. Team 5 will be tough to beat. DrJ
  9. DrJ

    Team 2

    Congrats to you both. Team 2 is moving on up. I wish I could have helped out a bit though.
  10. DrJ

    Team 2

    I was on private land that I have shot 8 birds in 10 seasons.Over 300 acres of prime land by Caledonia but none in our group of 4 scored this year. Just makes me more excited for next year. Might try the last season but will probably be into fishing by that time. Good Luck to All.....
  11. DrJ

    Team 2

    Just returned home last night. Had 3 Jake's come in at 7am on my 1st morning and decided to pass on them. Never saw or heard a Tom the next 5 days. Oh well maybe I learned a lesson. Good luck to all.
  12. DrJ

    Team 2

    Leaving tomorrow for my season. Where is the rest of our team,haven't heard from you....
  13. DrJ

    Team 2

    Fine with me. Going 2nd season down by Freeburg,Mn. Can't wait.
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