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  1. bassin

    Smallies are biting good on Mille Lacs

    Any other lake having the bass open to taking is no issue. But not this one. Smallmouth are still blamed for part of the walleye problem and way too many people still have the kill a smallmouth save a walleye attitude. And F you Twin Pines! One of their launches saw me catch 3 smallies this past monday. Pulled up anchor and came and park right on top of me. So close I could no longer make the same cast I was making.
  2. bassin

    Mille Lacs Smallmouth

    extremley shocking news in the pioneer press regarding the DNR prey study on mille lacs. smallmouth eat crawfish, not walleye. Amazing!!! And walleye eat walleye about 15-20% of the time.
  3. bassin

    Mille Lacs Smallmouth

    Saturday there was one. Sunday there were two parked there catching smallies. Same resort. Probably can't say the name but orange and yellow out of isle. Only ones I have seen doing that.
  4. bassin

    Mille Lacs Smallmouth

    Anybody else see the launches parked in the middle of spawning flats? Just fantastic. Let's ruin that too.
  5. bassin

    Lowrance HDS Gen 2

    I have a 12 touch at my console and a HDS8 Gen2 at the bow. Get a 12! they are awesome. They dont get any dirtier than any other screen. The best part about the touch screens is that each size has its own resolution, which is obvously higher than the smaller models. Compare that to the Gen 2 ones where the 8 and the 10 have the same resolution. So your taking the resolution of the 8 and stretching it across the 10 screen size and the resolutuion is worse. Not the case with the 12. Biggest screen, best resolution.
  6. bassin

    Boat steering?

    the connection on mine at the motor came lose, the nut did, which caused a lot of the fluid to leak out. The steering got very loose like you mentioned. I had to turn and turn and turn the wheel just to get it too turn the motor a little. It wasn't tight at all. Replaced the fluid in the cap at the steering wheel and all was good.
  7. bassin

    Save Mille Lacs smallies

    I thought so too...but whatever. I also doubt the petition will do anything but you never know until you try I guess. I know there has been petitions around for years about the walleye but thats a little more of a complicated situation. This is just the DNR changing a regulation back.
  8. bassin

    Save Mille Lacs smallies

    Found this on the web if anybody is interested in signing to stop the ridiculous regulation changes to the smallies on Mille Lacs.
  9. bassin

    WI Licence

    You probably bought it already but just buy it online. Can't remember the last time I went somewhere and bought a MN or WI license. I always buy online. Way easier.
  10. bassin


    Well said indeed! These post every spring get very annoying. I wonder if these people call the police too when they are driving the speed limit and get passed...
  11. bassin

    Tournament Results

    Thats true about the Fed tourney turning in the other club that wanted to fish on saturday. The Fed club had a member that was part of the Hennipen county water patrol. He looked up the info and saw that the smaller club didnt have a permit and they called the director and threatened them. He said that Hennipen county has differnt rules and it doesnt matter how small the tourney, you still need a permit. They origanlly called and asked them to move or cancel their saturday tournament becasue they didnt want "their" fish beat up for their tournament on Sunday. When the director said no way they called back with the water patrol threat.
  12. bassin

    Just out of curiosity...

    Its a lot. Bassmaster magazine had an article mabye 3 years ago about it. the highest paid at that time was actually I guy who has never one a bassmaster event, Gerald swindel. He was at that top with $600,000. Skeet was 2nd and Vandam was around 3rd.
  13. bassin

    Bass Photos

    Is that on green?
  14. bassin

    Yikes.. Not good for the bass boat industry..

    I don't understand how ranger can get away with the prices they do in this economy. 55k for a new Z boat!!! How can you not see that coming.
  15. bassin

    new State Record?

    Are you talking about "dottie" the one from lake dixon in California? Is so, that fish was a world record fish. It weighed 25lbs. California law says fish must be hooked in the mouth. That fish was hooked outside the mouth and would not have been legal. Thats why it was released. and it didnt weigh as much when they found it becasue it had been dead for awhile. Plus when it was caught is was full of eggs. 2nd time they caught it by the way. His buddy caught the same fish a fews years prior when it weighed around 20-21lbs.