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  1. Now you can sit and stare at that for the next three months...... Lol You'll be sitting in that parking lot alongside that other dude chipping on the pavement with a hammer...
  2. The grand finale. Very few left, but enough flying skunks for a memorable Thanksgiving hunt.
  3. Put a fork in it. About done short of the "freeze up" birds. Hardly anything sticks in this state for more than 24 hrs. If you're lucky enough to be out on any of the big NW wind days, you feel pretty good...... . Watched a wad of mallards working a cornfield this evening while chasing longtails. Think I saw four vehicles cruising the section watching them. Lol.
  4. yes pair came into mallard spread. They were apparently confused on more than one level.......lol
  5. Shells: check Assorted scatterguns: check Some clothes: check Wild win: check Pile 0 decoys: check Looks like it's a go!
  6. Southern Nodak. Hoping some Young'uns make it that far. With the weather forecast, I'm nervous. Have to see how it goes... . The drinking should be successful anyway.....lol
  7. Will be rolling Wed morning. Wifes nephew had some pile pics in Mo from yesterday.....
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