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  1. let it snow

    Dick Trickle

    Dick was my husband's school bus driver in NE North Dakota in the '60's....very sad.
  2. let it snow


    ASH RIVER/KABETOGAMA AREA 1/29/2013: Now we are talking!!!!!!!!!!!! Another 6 to 8 inches of snow last night. Groomers will be running this week and weekend as the snowmobile season heats up in Voyageur Country. It's time, come and get it! All on-land trails are now groomed and open. With the snow last night it should top us up and get the trails in top condition. Park trails are marked and safe and some saftey portages between lakes are groomed. Trails are in good to excellent condition. More info from Park on Thursday. Will be really good! INTERNATIONAL FALLS AREA - thanks to Int'l Voyageurs Snowmobile Club 1/29/2013: I'll make this short and sweet WE GOT MORE SNOW. We received 6.5" of new snow overnight (Monday) on top of the 5" we got last weekend! Rest assured our groomers will be out making sure things are the best they can be. With the best groomed trails and awesome lake riding, load up the machines and head to the I Falls area. You"ll love it. Updated reports at http://www.ashriver-kabsnowdrifters.org/trail-report.html
  3. let it snow

    Northern MN Trails

    6" at Kab. Groomer was out last night. Looks like a great weekend ahead!
  4. let it snow

    Northern MN Trails

    Winter storm watch 1/24 til moring of 1/25. 4-8" of snow possible. Updated trail reports at http://www.ashriver-kabsnowdrifters.org/trail-report.html
  5. let it snow

    Northern MN Trails

    ARROWHEAD STATE TRAIL - thanks to the MN DNR 1/22/2013: Grooming is taking place after the new snow. Trail conditions are improving. ASH RIVER/KABETOGAMA AREA 1/22/2013: Cold tonight again. All on-land trails are now groomed and open. Park trails are marked and safe and some saftey portages between lakes are groomed. Trails are in excellent to fair condition. More info from Park on Thursday. Many riding this past week. INTERNATIONAL FALLS AREA - thanks to Int'l Voyageurs Snowmobile Club 1/20/2013: Finally some snow! We received about 6" of new snow the last couple nights. The snow on Friday evening was a little heavier snow so it should compact nice and make for some good trail riding. Our operators were working on the section of trail heading to Birchdale. The report was they finally received some snow that way. Lake riding should be good even though after the snow we had some strong winds. Our operators are taking a couple days off to let the freezing temps pass (what would Int'l Falls be without 30 below) they should be back out hopefully on Wednesday and once again have the trails ready for the weekend. Get out and enjoy the winter, ride the best trails in Minnesota and be safe. VOYAGEURS NAT'L PARK 1/23/2013: All snowmobile trails, ski trails, and snowshoe trails in the park are open and are generally in good condition. During this extreme cold weather, use caution when travelling, and bring along a winter survival kit. With these extreme temperatures, a mechanical problem or running out of gas could be a life threatening incident. Park crews will be out this week clearing brush and improving the Chain of Lakes Trail. Please use caution when travelling in the park and watch for crews working on and alongside the trail. A reminder that the snowmobile speed limit in the park is 45mph on lake surfaces and 25mph on the land trails. Crews have been working on the ice roads on both Rainy and Kabetogama Lakes. The Kabetogama Lake Ice Road is open from the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center to the Ash River Visitor Center. The Rainy Lake Ice Road is open from the Rainy Lake Visitor Center to Bushyhead Island, and park crews continue to make progress opening the rest of the road. To reduce hazards to snowmobile users, all ice blocks are to be immediately chopped up, submerged, or hauled to land. Placement of equipment or any type of structure must be greater than 50’ off the center of all ice roads and snowmobile trails. Written authorization from the park is required for individuals to plow any lake surfaces within the park. Outstanding scenery is one of the reasons why Voyageurs National Park was established. Please enjoy the scenery as you ride and follow the snowmobile speed limit of 45 mph on frozen lake surfaces and 25 mph on all overland portages. Speed limit signs are posted at trailheads and overland portages. Following is the current status of the park’s trails. Green Trail from Frank’s Bay to Crane Lake - Open and staked Blue Trail from North Namakan to Sand Point - Open and staked Purple Trail from Rainy Lake VC to Kettle Falls - Open and staked Yellow Trail from Ash River to Kettle Falls - Open and staked Kabetogama Ice Road - Open between the Kabetogama Lake Visitor Center and Ash River Visitors Center Chain of Lakes Trail - Open Rainy Lake Ice Road – Open to Bushyhead Island
  6. let it snow


    A blog post from the Int'l Voyageurs Club in I. Falls - ridetheborder.com O.k. here's my story. The boss (my wife) convinced me to take a vacation day (Thursday - 2/23) to go riding. We left the house at 9, took the Hagerman to Rainy Lake, rode the Kettle Falls, over to Crane Lake, trailed to Ash Trail and laked it back home.It was awwwwesome. So my advice is to shut off the T.V. get off the couch and get out there and ride. Remember though, watch your speed and be safe.
  7. let it snow


    7-9" of new snow on 2/21/12 on Ash River/Kabetogama/Int'l Falls Trails! Come and enjoy!
  8. Hello everyone, Thought I would put a little blurb in here to let people know we are looking for vendors for our craft show on Lake Kabetogama this July. FESTIVAL DATES ~ July 9, 10 and 11, 2010 ~ RAIN OR SHINE July 9 & 10 ~ 10 am - 5 pm July 11 ~ 10 am - 3 pm Kabetogama Community Hall - 1 mile north of US Highway 53 on CR 122 If you have questions or need more nfo post it in here andI will try to answer. Thanks for your time!
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    The nice thing about the Vikes this year as they are BEATING the sub .500 teams instead of playing down to their level and losing. Thank GOD the "prevent offense" has gone away.
  10. let it snow

    Blue Moose Pic?

    The GF webcam looks north across the Red - Blue Moose is to the left of the bridge (Whitey's first then the Moose). Hard to see but maybe helpful? http://www.grandforksherald.com/pages/floodcam
  11. let it snow


    Mr. Let It Snow has been riding motor bikes since 1964 (he has lived to be 53 so far) - lots of experience but ALWAYS w/ a helmet. 2 moments stand out in his motorcycling experience. 1983 - He "laid it down" in Tulsa when a car pulled out in front of him...going 4 blocks for a 1/2 gallon of milk. Crashed at 20 miles per hour. Road rash, lesson learned. Lucky. 1985 - He hit some gravel pulling out from a stop sign onto US hwy 53. He BROKE his helmet and his wrist. Rode 39 more miles like that and I took him to the ER when he got home. He would have been dead from a 30 mile per hour crash w/out the helmet. No one knows when an accident will happen - that's why they call 'em accidents. As stated earlier - there are those that have crashed and those that will. START SEEING MOTORCYCLES - RIDE CAREFUL, RIDE SMART
  12. let it snow


    over 16" in I. Falls...looks like another great weekend up north! LET IT SNOW
  13. let it snow


    8" around Kabetogama/I. Falls. Kab trails groomed last night. LET IT SNOW
  14. From the ash river - kab Snowdrifters web site ARROWHEAD STATE TRAIL - thanks to the MN DNR Conditions: Very Good Trail Base: 1-6" Local snow depth is 17-22" 3/2/09: Trail conditions remain very good. Groomers will be out again this coming weekend as needed. Riders can expect to encounter some icy spots, especially in the corners. Ice may be hiding under fresh snow in the corners. Use caution. Riders should beware that mid-season conditions can change day to day. Stay to the right and slow down in the corners. Some trail segments are being used as logging roads. Trail conditions are poor where there is active logging. Use extra caution if you see logging activity. Lake conditions have improved but watch for slush and frozen ruts. ASH RIVER/KABETOGAMA AREA - thanks to VTSI 3/2/09: Ride Report: Lake and land trails in exceptional shape, great snow base and incredible grooming. My friends and I rode 350 miles total on Saturday and Sunday. This week temps will reach up to +30 or so and all days are to be cloudy with the 30 temp. Then cooling off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you on the trail this coming weekend. Trail system, both land and lake are exceptional. Temps this week and this coming weekend will present excellent riding conditions along the border area. If you missed last weekend then this is your chance! The trails along the Border are perfect. Lakes in Voyageurs Park are now near perfect as the slush that existed off the groomed trails is now frozen. On land trails and lakes are near perfect and temps are to be perfect for snowmobiling this coming week and weekend, partly cloudy, Thursday night -2, Friday +26, night +5, Saturday +17, night +5 and Sunday +27 for highs. As well, the next week looks great right thru the weekend with highs in the 20’s and lows around zero. Come and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t be more perfect! Grooming tractors will be running twice this week, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, after dark. INTERNATIONAL FALLS AREA - thanks to Int'l Voyageurs Snowmobile Club 2/25/2009: 2+" of new snow last night, steady cold temps all week and the groomers have been out. Things are looking great for this weekend! Land trails continue to stay in excellent condition. We had a lot of traffic last weekend but groomers have thing looking good as always. A special Thank You to all the groomer operators who put it some long, late hours. The lake trails just get better every time it snows. Plenty of fluff making things pretty smooth. Slush can still be found in few spots but overall not a problem. Days are getting longer, get out and enjoy while it's good. Ride Safe. CRANE LAKE AREA - thanks to Crane Lake Visitor & Tourism Bureau 2/16/09: The holiday weekend riders had plenty to say about the trails. By and large the majority of the comments were that trails were in great shape. Groomer's were out in force to lay out the trails riders were ripping up. Since the warm up we have had an additional 5 inches of fresh snow, a welcome addition for lube! Lakes have tightened up again and the fresh snow will make for a softer ride. Midweek riding is fantastic, with less traffic and freshly groomed trails. Don't forget about the Crane Lake Challenge (previously Hyper Viper) snowmobile speed run March 7th, right here in Crane Lake. Over 45 classes and a one lunger shootout!! Call early for room reservations! VOYAGEURS NAT'L PARK 2/26/2009: All snowmobile trails in Voyageurs National Park are open and staked. The lake trails are in very good condition and are now providing the best riding conditions this season. Grooming has occurred on the Green Trail from Black Bay on Rainy Lake to Grassy Bay on Sand Point Lake. The Rainy Lake Ice Road is open to Rainy Lake City and is in good condition. Please remember that the snowmobile speed limit within Voyageurs National Park is 45 mph on frozen lake surfaces and 25 mph on all overland portages. Speed limit signs are posted at trailheads and overland portages. Snowmobile Trails in the park International Falls to Kettle Falls (Purple Trail) – Open & Staked Black Bay to Kabetogama Lake to Ash River – Open, Staked & Groomed Ash River to Crane Lake (Green Trail) – Open & Staked Chain of Lakes (Dashed Black Trail) – Open & Staked Ash River to Kettle Falls (Yellow Trail) – Open & Staked East Namakan Lake to Sand Point Lake (Blue Trail) – Open & Staked
  15. let it snow

    Question for the lady's.............

    Brian H, No offense taken...had to laff, even. Married 30 years (and counting) to a man that knew to put the toilet seat down...and he grew up w/ 2 brothers and his Dad...his Mom did a great job w/ him! No sox and undies on the floor either! Just a bit of advice, take it or leave it - when you get your business up and running, have someone else write your ad copy. Best of luck. Small business owner myself. Not for sissies but you're the boss! (Not always a GOOD thing!) LET IT SNOW