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    EBass reacted to jbell1981 in North Dakota Storm Clouds   
    Finally going through some pictures from our trip in July. These are some storm clouds along the freeway in central North Dakota.

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    EBass reacted to MuskieFever in Low water clarity; off-shore fishing   
    ^Nailed it!
    I started fishing deeper water a couple years ago. I would always fish the outside weed edge and try to stay within 10 feet of the outside edge regardless of water clarity. Boy was I wrong....
    Last year I fished a tournament on a metro lake with about 3' clarity. Deep edge ended pretty sharply in 10-12'. I didn't see any weeds on my graph deeper than about 15'. Tournament day my buddy and I struggled. Couldn't buy a bite. We pull up to a rock hump that topped out at 9'. I fired a jig to the deep edge, about 12' and got smoked by a 3 pounder. I was fired up. This was it! We finally found em! Worked that hump for the next 2 hours and not one bite. Cranks, jigs, dropshot, nothing! We worked it from 9'-18'. We get to the weigh feeling pretty down about our day. Where the heck were the fish today?!
    First place 18 pounds, second place 15.75 fishing dropshots and football jigs in 28 FEET OF WATER! I couldn't believe it. That far out from the weed edge?! Both teams suspected crawdads had moved that far out and the bass followed.
    Long story short, fish don't always follow the rules. Sometimes you have to go deep. Very deep.
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    EBass reacted to Canon Guy in Rip Prince   
    Thanks for commenting! A few more.

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    EBass reacted to smurfy in Trailer bearing hub kit   
    I just changed bearings in both my boat and snowmobile trailer. I took a bearing of each trailer and brought it to the auto parts store. they can measure it with a caliper!
    the one thing I got educated on is most these bearing kits are a generic version. if you have an older trailer like mine you may need to get a different size grease seal on the back side. in both my older trailers my spindles had a rise in the shaft and I needed to go to a larger inside diameter seal then what came with the kit.
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    EBass reacted to smallie_hawgin in Measure them gills   
    Take a look at the presentation on the Little Falls area site... There are numerous individuals in a given population that are "cuckholders" or otherwise known as sneaker males. They grow at a slower rate and mature at a smaller size. They literally will sneak in while the big males are away chasing others off  or have been "removed" and try and fertilize eggs already deposited there...  Pretty effective strategy really...And one of the main reasons we need to let the big bulls go.
    That and the fact the nesting season really is just starting... The length and temperature range for sunfish spawning is quite wide. Typically 68-80 ish for temps and that can drag on from May through July. Also certain portions of the population tend to spawn on the earlier side, while others will spawn on the later side of  that window. Also, not all individuals spawn every year. This is a similar theme in the sunfish family. That includes bass of course. 
    Also appreciate the discussion on the length limit Vs bag limit... But, unfortunately, the minute you start talking length limits for sunfish.... I loose half of any crowd, regardless of venue. People don't view sunfish the same way they do Walleye, Northern Pike, Trout, Salmon or Musky. We floated the concept of maintaining a 20 fish bag with only 5 over 8" in the pre-survey we did... Not nearly as well regarded as the simple 10 fish bag... So while it would make some sense biologically, the social aspect also needs to be considered. 
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    EBass got a reaction from eyeguy 54 in Bought a Kayak   
    Nice rig Eyeguy! 
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    EBass reacted to eyeguy 54 in Bass Photos   

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    EBass got a reaction from RuddyDuck in Morning After a heavy ThunderStorm   
    The best time to go fishing is anytime you can.  Copy write Bill Dance
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    EBass got a reaction from Rick in Bass Photos   
    A river Smallie that's almost 21"  
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    EBass got a reaction from Juan Grande in Bass Photos   
    A river Smallie that's almost 21"  
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