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  1. Navionics Sonar Charts looks like a great idea until you look closer at the required annual subscription price. Not too sure how it works on the phone app, but on a sonar/GPS you need to buy the Platinum series chip, then pay up for an annual subscription. The data resides on your chip or on a second SD chip in your plotter. You can upload it to Navionics if you wish, and the data will be added to their lake contour map and issued on the next update. Another option is Humminbird's AutoChart live which works with the Lakemaster chips and stores data on a second proprietary SD chip. It can overlay your data onto the Lakemaster screen view while you are out fishing. Unfortunately, it requires purchase of their Onyx version sonar at $2500+ and the chip at about $100. They also have another version just called "Auto Chart" which works with many of their units that have a second card slot. It stores data on their proprietary SD card as you drive about, then you have to move the card to a computer running their PC software where it will generate contour lines for where you have recorded data. Once that is done, the card can be re-installed into the sonar/GPS and you can see the contours for the area that you mapped. This version will not overlay data on existing maps. Lowrance also has a version of this type of product, but I have not looked into their system.
  2. hydro

    Pruning tools

    Look up Silky Saws. Awesome quality and they make pruning much easier.
  3. Thanks! Snap some pics if you get a chance!
  4. TR21, Logic would say that production bass boats would be a handful with that much weight on the transom, and that Ally with the 280 you rode in could easily have been putting out 300+ ponies, so I would think the weight would be more of a factor than the horsepower. Also note that this motor is currently a racing division product and not a "fishing boat" motor yet. That said, as production motor horsepower goes up there is the ability to build larger and heavier freshwater fishing boats and have gymnasium sized casting decks. Think about a 24'-26' Ranger or Bass Cat type boat. (BTW, many boats over 20' do not carry Coast Guard horsepower capacity ratings) Get out the checkbook.
  5. Fresh or salt, does not matter. You can get it in a 20" mid and it will for on a bass boat, and there is a pic of it with a 15" mid and a SSM drive for race applications.
  6. Need something to perk up the sluggish performance of that big ol' walleye boat? Just released by Mercury at the Miami show on Thursday.
  7. Jann's Netcraft, Barlows, E.b.a.y, surplus stores, Walmart, craft stores, Bass Pro, and anywhere else I see something useful.
  8. Heading up to Winnie next week with the guys to sneak up on the perch and walleye, so I made some lures to try out. I carved out the molds, cast the bodies, powder coated and epoxied them. A combination of Buckshots, Wingers, with and without rattles, some with dropper hooks, and lots of color combinations. They should keep us busy for a while!
  9. The micro bevel is really not necessary. What it does is create a stronger leading edge to keep the blade sharp longer. If you sharpen the knife to a 15 degree edge all the way it will cut faster but not last as long.
  10. Check with BJ's Bait on Clearwater and see if they will give you a heads up. The north side of Clearwater has lots of potential good crappie areas if you want to do a little exploring.
  11. I purchased the Eagle Claw inline aluminum spool multiplier reel (red spool) recently and am having some issues with the drag. Any other experiences or comments out there?
  12. An option nobody has mentioned is to simply use the drill attached directly to the auger with the drill chuck, on an adaptor like the Ice Master. It's a simple option, extremely light weight, drills the same number of holes and will cost you about $30.00 excluding the drill. I have been using this setup for several years now.
  13. There is no need for the hammer function when drilling ice. That said, most of the drills capable of turning the necessary torque to survive this operation will be sold as "Hammer Drills". Just set it to normal drilling function and away you go. When looking for a drill try to find one with at least 600 inch/lbs of torque (50 ft/lbs), 18 volt minimum battery voltage and at least 3 amp hour capacity on the batteries to be sure they last as long as possible. Brand does not really make a difference, I run a Hitachi, Milwaukee's "Fuel" is nice, Dewalt has good products, and take a look at Chicago Pneumatic's new cordless line. I saw them at SEMA last week, they look to be a real winner here, and will be priced lower than Milwaukee.
  14. Looks like a nice project. If it were me, before sinking a lot of money into it I would pull the engine, drive and transom hardware to closely inspect the transom for wet areas. It may seem sound but if it is wet now is the time to evaluate the costs of replacing wet wood inside the glass. It can be done but it is a big job. I just went through that on my boat (a '99 fish and ski type craft) and it would be a real buzz killer to find water in the transom after spending lots of $ on other stuff.
  15. Why? This makes no sense to me whatsoever.
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