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  1. echotrail

    Paver or concrete driveway

    I'm looking into replacing my 39 year old concrete driveway this spring or summer and I'm considering using pavers vs. concrete. I found a site that gives a price per sq. ft. based on your zip code, but the price range was $10 - $50 making it hard to budget. Has anyone had any experience with paver vs. concrete cost estimates in the TC area. It's a two car driveway and I'm not looking for fancy patterns to be laid down. I'm probably have an area of 500 sq. ft. but have not measured it yet. It won't be DIY job. Thanks
  2. In my past experience with plumbers the service call included 15 minutes of labor time and after that it's priced by the hour broken into 15 minutes increments. Some companies will charge a set price to do a certain job. I would question the bill. As mentioned before you paid to have it fixed and they only made the second visit due to their error by installing the wrong part the first time and you shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes.
  3. echotrail

    Retail Mouldings

    Check the web site called: Building Materials Outlet Midwest Inc. (www.bmomn.com). Located in Eagan, MN., they've got tons of building project materials including moulding.
  4. echotrail

    Paul Molitor

    Ryan (On orders from the owner) hired Molitor because they can pay him less as an entry level manager with modest raises for the 3 year contract. As for free agents, look for the Twins to do what they usually do: Let the best free agents sign with other teams and then hire the aged rejects that were released. They will spend some money on publicity selling us on how they have put together the best team possible. Overall, with the money saved the Polads will have enough to buy a nice Montana ranch.
  5. going4it: I'm sure your comments exclude people with a disability and/or severe physical mobility restrictions. They do don't they?
  6. echotrail

    Grouse Hunting Dates

    Just a heads up on your date choices. Oct 16th and 17th will likely see more hunters in the woods. The MEA (MN educators assoc) has their convention and schools are closed.
  7. echotrail

    Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse

    The latest member of the suspended list is, or soon will be Dwyer of the AZ Cardinals. The list is predominately, if not entirely African American players. I'm wondering how much more time will pass before a lawyer representing the ACLU will file a discrimination suit against the NFL citing that physical punishment is an inherent lifestyle to black people and was created by whites dating back some 400 years. I also expect NBA, MLB, NHL and other professional sports entities to implement, if they haven't already done so a "Suspended list policy" to protect their corporate money machines. Nike for example could only charge about $20 for a pair of top of the line shoes if they didn't pay out millions of endorsement $ to how many different players.
  8. echotrail

    Gutter Helmet vs. Leaf Guard?

    I've had the leaf guard gutters on our home for over 10 yrs. No complaints at all. I'd clean out silver maple seeds and pine needles 3 times a year before they were installed. I haven't done it once since.
  9. echotrail

    Paul McCartney concert

    My wife and I went to the Paul McCartney concert last night at Target Field. She was at the '65 Beatles concert at the old Met stadium and wanted to see him again and her boss bought her two tickets as a retirement gift. We were sitting on the patio at Kieran's Irish Pub next to the Loews hotel where we noticed to black Cadi SUV's were parked. About 4:45 p.m. McCartney and others got into them and drove by with window's down waving to everyone. It was a fantastic 3 hour concert, with no wardrobe changing/stage prep down time between the 40 songs he performed. At age 72 he projects the life energy and stamina of a 30 year old.
  10. echotrail

    tire treadwear

    If you haven't done so, go onto the Discount Tire web site and read the customer reviews for every tire you're interested in. Eliminate the reviews from southern states like Florida, Mississippi, etc. that don't have similar driving conditions as MN. Know that Discount Tires may not offer ALL brands. For what it's worth the last time I had my F150 serviced the service manager told me that when I do need to replace tires, the Michelins (In his opinion) are the best way to go.
  11. I agree with other posters. I had a '01 f150 extended cab w/short box. When we became grandparents in '05 and '08 and had to put car seats in the restricted back seat space it was too tight. Now I've got a '11 f150 crew cab w/short box and there is plenty of space even with grandchild #3 in the back. The truck fits just fine in a standard size double garage.
  12. echotrail

    Wild Offseason

    Why does the NHL let about 6 poker faced management level staffers march onto the stage just to hand the draftee a hat and jersey and take a photo? Then they walk off and most of the them leave the draftee to bring up the rear. The NFL and NBA system is better. Just a photo with the commissioner and the team managers can do they're photos in the media room later.
  13. echotrail

    MN WILD.....LOL!!!!! I told u so

    The hatred rivalry with the Blackhawks is classic. You knew those games were always going to be the best. I also remember the huge brawl the Northstars had with the Bruins in 1981
  14. echotrail

    NHL PLayoffs 13' - 14'

    Don't they make a spray for this kind of pest?
  15. echotrail

    Gutter covers - advice needed

    I've had the Leaf Guard gutters on my home for about 10 years. The house is right next to 3 white pines and 3 silver maples are nearby. I used to clean gutters at least 3 times a year and would have to deal with ice build up in the winter. I haven't touched them since the Leaf Guards were installed. I don't have one complaint about them and don't regret spending the money for them. I'm not aware if Leaf Guards come in more than one size. The next to nothing debris that does get into them washes right out. I find that a few hornets like to nest inside the run that's on the south side of the house.